NGOs complain to IOC over Tokyo Games environmental record

By Karolos Grohmann

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IOC cause havoc wherever they go.

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I know quite a few people who are going to be upset about this report -- upset it's being mentioned, that is. When China was gearing up for the Olympics day in and day out I kept hearing about who China was stealing metal and using slave labor, etc. When Brazil was gearing up it was all about human rights abuses. When Japan is doing it now I guarantee they'll call you calling them out on it "an attack on Japan", and go on about how Japan is the victim, etc.

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mounting evidence the Tokyo Games were using timber through companies associated with illegal logging and human and labour rights violations.

I guess I need to see the evidence to support these allegations, because I can't see / imagine them using much wood at this stage - they are barely pouring concrete and driving piles. Greenpeace - must as I respect their mission - have a long history of crying wolf anytime there is a chance of catching attention.

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Wood is being used but not sure how much comes from the claimed source, previous reports (months ago) also didn't give figures.

So who knows truly?

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Why aren't they using Japanese sugi?

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But wait, trees are biodegradable! People can hug the venues!

So, these groups want more concrete?

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The new stadium is a latticed network of imported wood, to the point that the placement of the Olimpics flame is or has been a problem due to the fire risk! Japan couldn't give two hoots about where it comes from. Compassion isn't a big thing here.

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Why aren't they using Japanese sugi?

Because the guy who made the decision wouldn't have made any money.

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they'll call you calling them out on it "an attack on Japan", and go on about how Japan is the victim, etc.

you are like a broken record. Give it a rest

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Reading carefully there is nothing written about having evidence that illegal wood is used. Greenpiss and co just make noise as usual. How much money do they make with special "labels"?

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Of course Japan has zero governance on anything. The mighty yen tops all. I seriously hope Japan gets a major spanking over using wood as an environment bonus.

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It's only 2017 and I'm already beyond bored with all things 2020.

its not proving to be the anticipated panacea for anything. (More like a Shakespearian Comedy of Errors)

wonder what we have to look forward to in 2021 when all this BS hype has begun to lose its lustre.

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Japan is the world's largest importer of rainforest timbers and has been for many years. The sources of this timber have never been scrutinized due to the 'hush-hush' relationship with Brazil and neighboring South American countries. This organization is only highlighting what has been going on in Japan for decades.

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just a user: "you are like a broken record. Give it a rest"

Commenting on a broken record does not make one a broken record. What I said will happen, will happen, because it always does. I'm sorry if you want people to just be quiet about it and accept it like sheeple. I'd be ecstatic if I were wrong and didn't feel like criticizing. Maybe you should offer some constructive comments on the topic instead of just attacking posters? I mean, if you only go around asking people you think are broken records to be quiet all the time, what does that make you?

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The NGO are not srchieving sny goal but attract more Donations. If legal timber gets an increase of demand, illegal timber becomes a cheaper option and almost nobody cares aboutbrain forests when money is between

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Ghost rider: "Greenpiss and co just make noise as usual."

Yeah, everyone else's fault again. And you're wrong, they said there was mounting evidence, and it's not just Green Peace (I noticed like others you've reduced yourselves to attacking the messengers and name-calling), but 47 NGOs along with them.

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so much money spent in enviromental groups yet they never deliver, why don't they make a proper investigation about that timber because they het money so they can do it.

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Transparency? But that would reveal all the shell corporations

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So what if there is evidence, they will accuse Japan anyway and not other nations who also uses illegal means to get resources for constructions. Why open words against Tokyo now when they should have started since 2008? All I see is discrimination, all nations are equally guilty.

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