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Nadal loses in first round of French Open

By Jed Court

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Thank you for the fighting spirit Nadal! Even in loss you were awesome!

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Great champion.

played a season too long.

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Rafa played yesterday with a great and admirable spirit, as he always does. But he struggled with the court conditions. With the roof closed, the court looked like it was playing very, very heavy. Rafa's ground strokes weren't doing anything. He should've come to net more, in my opinion.

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The Original Wing, I agree with that. Under humid conditions indoors, especially if cold, the balls become quite slow. And let's not forget that Zverev is also a power hitter, and at almost 2 meters tall, he is not bothered as much by Nadal's heavy spin.

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Very nice play Rafa, you will always be remembered as the Greatest number 2 of all time.

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