Ohtani singles in first career at-bat as DH; to pitch Sunday


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He runs very quickly. Maybe because he is young but it was amazing.

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So he is batting .200? Sorry but that isn't good enough for the majors.

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As I mentioned before scouts were not impressed at all with his hitting ability in the preseason. Considering that the Angels paid a lot of money for what they hoped to be a double thread in the majors, I think it's going to be a long struggle and uphill battle for Ohtani in the majors. The simple fact is that the major leagues in America are light years talent wise ahead of every other professional baseball team around the world.

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1 for 5.  He still looks over-matched.

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So he is batting .200? Sorry but that isn't good enough for the majors.

Yes, he is batting .200 after playing one game. 1. Far too early to make a call.

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...a single hit becomes a Major News Only in Japan (!)

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As much as i want him to succeed as a two way player, we all know its not going to happen. No way he can put up the batting numbers he did in japan against major league pitchers.

Sooner he admit that and give up his dream of being a batter, better pitcher he will be.

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A perfect start would be like a homer run or 5-for-5 in his debut.

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He was DH batting on eighth before catcher. About. scout, Angels' scout. recommended him. Angels use own scouts. After he hit, he ran very first. For his pay, it is not much for usual Angels ok other new players. Dodgers pay a lot. Yankees and Cubs pay a lot. Astro was bottom for many years but began investing ion dual players to face National teams and it won WS. Back to his pay, that is. not big enough to buy a. house in Newport Beach.

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Usually single hit would be caught by an outfielder for out but he ran fast that it became a hit.

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Why Dodgers, Angels, Giants, and other Calif. teams have money to recruit rookies? Unlike central and eastern teams, their games don't face rain out ticket sales loss. Yesterday,, Cub game was not shown.

People usually. watch OBP computation, not one day performance.

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When Mike Trout did not hit, no one says he is 0% hitter.

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a single hit becomes a Major News Only in Japan (!)

It was a big news here in US as well:

One of the bigger storylines baseball fans were excited to follow this season was the debut of two-way Japanese player Shohei Ohtani. And they didn't have to wait long to see him in action. (

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