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Olympic meeting in Tokyo gets off to chaotic start due to corruption case

By Stephen Wade

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages,

Welcome to the Corruption Carnival 2018, this time from Tokyo.

Watch as our magicians make billions of dollars disappear into thin air!

Be amazed as our clowns, dressed in everything from blue-grey business suits to Super Mario costumes, dance and entertain you!

Gasp in awe as the tightrope walkers defy logic and reason to make their statements!

Appearing now, in Tokyo!

Be there!

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Sincerely hope that Tokyo Olympics will make everyone laugh, like a big joke should.

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Lookin' for a new fool, Don't follow leaders, watch the parkin' meters Bob Dylan

Still good advice.

Sheikh Ahmad al Fahad al Sabah, known as the "Olympic Kingmaker,"

Another Gulf 'leader' like so many others in his family and in neighboring king/sheihkhdoms with a 'dubious' (being PC) past. Why so many humans sheeple behind individuals like him, why cults of personalities persist, especially in cultures that value individual liberty, among so many other questions make me worry about our species.

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Corruption in IOC or ANOC? Why am I not surprised?

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We exist side by side!

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Corruption Club

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And who is sitting in the middle, this time not his wife now that's unusual!

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The guys clearly needs to step aside, see his days in court, meanwhile someone else steps in to carry on the Olympic non-sense!


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Well, now the topic of corruption has been allowed to come under discussion, why don't we do a bit of digging about the vice-chairman of the JOC's well-documented (in other countries at least) links to your friendly neighbourhood missing-finger brigade?


Gee, I wonder why the estimated costs keep shooting up way way above what we bid?


My grandchildren are going to still be paying off the bill for this heist. Face it - the Olympics are a massive international swindle, shifting our tax revenue to organised crime. Next year, we're going to have a consumption tax increase because we need to be fiscally responsible and pay off the debt. Oops - here you go, Mr. Tsukasa, here's your next installment.

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206 committees (with however many people that represents).... plus all the support staff no doubt, all jetting about the planet (nice carbon footprint) probably first class, nice hotels, and etc and etc.... and these bunfights are neverending.... what a scam.....

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This regime has dug itself a hole, the Olympics have yet to start ! I believe there is a international justice meeting soon. In Japan. At the last one the minister of justice for Japan was yelling "we are not a medieval society" much to the amusement of other delegates. Just waiting for Mr Ghosens book detailing his experience of the Japanese version of justice. Locked in a room with no charge, waiting for the prosecution to actually find something anything to charge him with. The best thing about the Olympics and the Nissan affair will be the international media exposing the medieval system of governance at all levels of Japan. Not such a pretty place when exposed to light.

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Abe is looking mighty nervous there!

I'm sure he gave the sheikh some solid advice about the corruption before he left the building though...

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Yes, well, anyone receiving a big envelope will say such things before bowing politely and returning to the real world. Tokyo can't even decided on times or venues yet, not to mention being unable to decide what to do about holidays, the work rush and transportation, emergency protocols for foreigners, being unable to recruit enough volunteers, etc.

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According to the head minister of the 2020 Olympic games, Yoshitaka Sakurada the bentos for today's meeting cost 1,500 yen.

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