Olympic superfan Yamada dies with Tokyo 2020 dream unfulfilled


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Having gone to every Olympics since 1964 combined with being able to still move around and have a sound mind up until he passed was an amazing feat. A life well lived.

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Going to miss this guy! Loved seeing him at Sumo tournaments too! RIP Olympic Oji-san!

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Going to miss this guy! Loved seeing him at Sumo tournaments too! RIP Olympic Oji-san!

i was wondering why i didn't see him this basho, at his usual center seat facing main camera. rip.

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92 is a very decent innings and he’s left a lot of things for people to see and enjoy.

Some kind of tribute to him in the 2020 games would be nice.

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Jimizo: "Some kind of tribute to him in the 2020 games would be nice."

I think a local, out of the way tribute, for sure. I'm not sure they should stand at the podium and ask for a one minute silence for the man, whom 99% of the athletes and a large percentage of the audience also won't know, would be appropriate.

In any case, it is a shame, but you can't decide (usually) when it's your time to go. RIP. Seems like a pretty happy guy, who accomplished a lot of what he wanted. I swear there was just a story the other day of how he hopes to achieve his 2020 dream.

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RIP Yamada-san . He just had to survive about 500 days to realize his lifes dream, and a 15th Olympic at home. He was so unlucky to not fulfil his dream, but had an amazing life as a sports fanatic! He will be missed.

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So happy I could have my picture taken with this man many years ago (at Akebono's intai-zumo).

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That’s sad. It would have been good to see him make the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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Man, didn't we just read about him on here last week? RIP and I hope a friend or family member can go in your honor.

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our prayers and condolences to the bereaved family. Yamada san, may your soul rest in eternal peace.

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I had seen him before and found him really annoying and obnoxious. Apparently, in Mexico in he cheered a Mexican athlete "by mistake" because the athlete looked Japanese.

While I support the home team, I usually cheer athletes for their achievements, not their nationalities or race. And I don't festoon myself with about a hundred maple leaves every time I watch the steeplechase.

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I don’t think you understand what a super fan is Super Fans tend to be obnoxious to many people. They are 100% for their team. They boo other teams and athletes and they do things out of the ordinary. That’s part of what makes them super fans.

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