Only 4 teams remain at Euro 2020: Which two are headed to Wembley final?


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Italy England final.

England to win after extra time. No penalties needed.

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English confidence bordering on arrogance

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May the "Fratelli Italia" deafen the boos of the English fans in the final much. Forza Azurri!

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England v Spain final, then they'll be no snipers in the crowd, diving divas or cups given away by Benito. As for that last game? In a final, anything can happen.

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English confidence bordering on arrogance

We should have had an open bus tour BEFORE the tournament just like Scotland did. Now there's arrogance for you!

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Turkey fan here but I hope England finally win something, they have some really nice players in the team right now and have not conceded any goals yet which has surprised me because Pickford isn't very reliable usually haha

I think Italy will be the other finalist, and hopefully will be a good game!

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most likely the final will be Spain vs. England

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This will be the best chance for England. Playing at home and on the weak side of the bracket (just like the world cup).

Personally I think Italy vs Denmark would be the most entertaining matchup.

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In the past two meetings, Denmark have won one and drawn one against England. However, England have better form in the tournament - no losses and no goals conceded... on current form, England should edge it. In the other semi, the Italians will send the Spanish crying into their paella, and we will also get to enjoy some amateur dramatics, to boot.

As for the final, it'll be a close one. England 1, Italy 0.

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Italy Denmark final, Italy to win.

To be fair, I'd take anyone but England.


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We should have had an open bus tour BEFORE the tournament just like Scotland did. Now there's arrogance for you!

No, that's realism........Scotland's "success" was simply being in the group stage.

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Four strong teams performing well. Glad we have Denmark in the semi and not the other two. Anything can happen in footie.

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Gaffers Roberto Mancini, Luis Enrique, Kasper Hjulmand, and Gareth Southgate have all instilled solid footballing virtues in their respective squads. Optimum use of open spaces, intricate passing bouts, invading the rival penalty box with a large army of attackers to deal with the legion of rival defenders are exciting dimensions that have carried the four semifinalists thus far. Netminders Gianluigi Donnarumma, Unai Simon, Jordan Pickford, and Kasper Schmeichel have all had impressive performances under the bar. All the best.

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