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Osaka to face Azarenka in U.S. Open final


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Fantastic!!! Go go Naomi-chan, you got this! Dropped a set, but came back so strong. There will be 126 million people dancing on the streets of Japan on Sunday! I am sure Naomi-chan can beat the much older Williams.

Naomi-chan says his name for Justice : Philando Castile. Black Lives Matter.

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Congratulations Naomi! Such an inspiring young lady.

Should she stay humble and dedicated as she is and not even sky is the limit.

Not only japanese, but all of us should be genuinely happy and proud of Naomi Osaka. A true champion!

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Unbelievable, Williams has just LOST her semi-final! Did she have another meltdown?!

Naomi-chan vs Azarenka in Final.

Get the champagne and sake ready for Sunday!! Move over Williams, theres a new Champion in town, her name is Naomi-chan!!! Ganbare!!!

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Will she be wearing the Cannon Hinnant mask for the final?

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at a guess...... no! because WLDM

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Tennis prodigy

"Naomi Osaka 大坂なおみ"

The Humble & Gracious Soul

La Principessa


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How did Serena Williams blow a lead of up 1-6 after the first set? Anybody see this and comment?

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Wishing the US Open finalists an exciting summit clash.

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Osaka is a weiner, good luck to her

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NY is like a second home since she lives in Florida.

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I kind of consider New York my second home," said Osaka, who was born in Japan and moved to the United States as a child. "I kind of love the atmosphere, even though there's no people here. I feel like this court kind of suits me well." Born in Japan but raised in the US. Considers NY her second home, but lives in the US and has a home in the Hills of Los Angles. Makes me wonder, its not where you are born it is where you are, she has enough money to live in both places Japan or the US. In other words born in Japan but raised in the US. The flag equals a money sign!

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Osaka’s proving to be the real deal. Watch out!

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Congrats to Naomi. She's toughed it out and may be returning to a positive mindset. She seems to have matured as a person and become stronger in body & mind.

Particularly I like her pointed statement of wearing masks with the names of 7 deceased persons in support of BLM. A year or so ago she would never have been so upfront. Good on her.

However it also should be noted this tournament is very weakened by the withdrawal of many top ranked players. World ranking Number 1, 2, 5, 6 (current US open champion), 7 & 8 are not playing for starters. That's a substantial boost to the players who are competing.

But I wish Naomi good luck for the final.

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@browny--those absent ladies will not retain their top ten ratings by missing a year of Slams. Finalist Azarenka is a former number 1 who fell to 27 partly due to dealing with a long court battle to have custody of her own child I believe. So a compelling opponent no matter what number she is ranked in 2020.

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Please give her the credit of her win. Don’t start by saying but for....

Congratulations Naomi. Keep fighting for every ball. God bless you.

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How did Serena Williams blow a lead of up 1-6 after the first set? Anybody see this and comment?

Victoria Azaranka wasn't quite into her game in the first set. When the 2nd set arrived, so did her game. At the same time Serena began to tire.

In the 3rd set Azaranka quickly broke Serena, and was up 4-1 in the blink of an eye. Serena was tired but somehow still found the energy to play, and her magnificent first serve enabled her to win two more games. In the end Serena could not match Victoria's superior conditioning.

All in all, the best player won the match last night. Bravo for both of them ! Serena is always gracious in defeat.

Otherwise, with respect to the opening couple of lines in this story. RIDICULOUS !! Both Naomi and Jennifer played picture perfect tennis. There were net cord winners for each of them at critical junctures as well as unchallenged, erroneous calls. This is sports; this is tennis. Naomi was the better of the two yesterday in the early, rainy NY evening. Naomi's tennis was impeccable, forceful, and there was never a single instant of self-doubt on either side of the net. Jennifer battled to the very last point.

Naomi's perfection was wonderful to watch. She is simply adorable. She sat in the stands to watch the 2nd match, She wore a Kobe Bryant basketball shirt. Bless her soul. The final is a toss up, but my wife and I will be rooting for NAOMI !

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Azarenka is the best.

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It would have been nice if you had stated in the article when the final will be and whether or not it will be aired on television.

Anyway good luck to her :)

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Torafusu - thanks for your comments.

I agree - circumstances can affect a ranking's real value.

But their is no doubt most of the top world players are absent from this tournament.

Taking nothing away from Naomi - I've been a fan for at least 8 years - but this weakened field could not have come at a better time for her in growing her confidence and game after a pretty disappointing - by her own words - last year.

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