Patriots out-muscle Rams 13-3 in lowest scoring Super Bowl ever

By Rob Woollard

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I don't know why there's so much negative feeling about this year's big game. I thought it was exciting all the way, a battle of defense and attrition, the QB was being worn down and in the end the Pat's defense won the game with that interception. Just the score alone doesn't mean anything, I'd much rather have a lower scoring game with evenly matched teams who keep each other at bay than a blowout which happens to have a high score at the end.

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I never had a doubt! #6 Baby! Jules MVP! Just the best ever! #12 G.O.A.T.

Patriots nation!

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I loved this superbowl. Defensive games are still the best for me. I know they are pushing the entire offensive theme but the saying still holds true that "Defenses wins championships." A lot of bending but defenses refused to break until the end. Even though I am not a Patriots fan, it is amazing to have made it to 9 Super Bowls. Winning 6 is even more amazing. Countless great players have never even made it to a Super Bowl or won a Super Bowl.

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I am a born Rams fan and this game was so hard to watch. Rams had too many missed opportunities. The team is relatively young so there should be more Super Bowls in the future if the team stays intact and injury-free.

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To not appreciate the defensive efforts of both sides is to not appreciate football. 

I cleaned my kitchen tonight and it was more exciting than that game.

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JJ Jetplane.

Even though I am not a Patriots fan, it is amazing to have made it to 9 Super Bowls. Winning 6 is even more amazing. Countless great players have never even made it to a Super Bowl or won a Super Bowl.

I think you said your from NewYork in a previous post but I could be wrong! So the above is a huge compliment coming from you. It really is amazing.

From my house as kid in New England watching my team just suck was the worst. The the loss to the Bears so heart breaking. We just got gone blown away. The Bears defeated the Patriots by the score of 46–10. Seeing the Patriots just domniate is just the sweetest thing ever. Great year for Boston teams. World Series and now Super Bowl. Really have to hand it to our defense. They won it for us today! Brady can not be denied GOAT status any longer.

Great day to be from New England today! I love it!

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Is that Brady's celebration face?

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Did anyone else who was streaming the game have any stalling problems? After stalling a bunch of times, I paused it for an hour to take a phone call. When I came back, to watch it again, but not live, it stalled for a minute and when it started up again it briefly flashed to a NE player holding a trophy. Ugh. Took the wind right out of the game for me. I wish ESPN player could have streamed the game. It never has latency issues.

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Just because you don't like someone or a team, it doesn't mean that you can deny their greatness. Many people don't like the Patriots are Tom Brady, but you cannot deny his greatness. Happy to see a defensive Super Bowl and a good Super Bowl. Tired of these 40 and 50 point games.

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Did anyone else who was streaming the game have any stalling problems?

You don't have BS1 on your TV? It was fine on there.

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Super Boring.

Most people watch this game for excitement, not low scoring 'chess' games. It's bad enough the commercials were all terrible and lacked any ounce of imagination or wit, but to have the main game also a snooze fest? The conference finals were way more exciting.

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I thought it was dull.

When it did spring to life, it was ended by the Rams dropping a touchdown pass and then Goff launching an awful throw into single coverage for the pick on the very next play. The play selection was fine, he simply didn't execute. He throws it to the outside and the receiver is in position to score. Games that come down to a drop and then a botched throw are not a defensive masterclass.

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Trump must be very Happy.

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And..... and.... the Patriots have a bunch of Draft picks this year. I think Gronk will not retire and I think the Pat's will be back at the SB next year. Tom Brady 6 for 9, but this win, I think Belichick's defensive signature was all over it!

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It's Okay if you do not like the Patriots.

What’s really cool is there are some NFL football fans here. So when next season comes around we can talk football.

@kohakuebisu Is talking about play selections of the Rams. That’s cool. I think Rams had some chances to capitalize and score but just did not execute well. Even Brady today. He seemed a bit off. His passes just seemed a fraction ahead of receivers today. From what I saw in some replays. However, I was at work today with ESPN game cast open. But caught some replays on the app.

@Crazy Joe is talking about defense. I agree. In Superbowl’s I think defense is what is going to win the game for the team. But I am seeing allot of comments that watching the game was a bit of a snooze fest. However a clean kitchen is always cool too.

@Dadude is Rams fan. First off. Your boys played a hell of game and had a stellar season. All season long I was saying the Saints and the Rams really looked the best all year long. Your young coach has a bright future. McVay is going to be a legend, I think. Young bright and driven. It's only a matter of time before his fundamentals bring you and the Rams a Superbowl title for sure. 

 @JJ Jetplane is talking about Tom Brady and greatness. I could not agree with you more. I do not think people give Tom Brady enough credit. His preparation and his diet with his work ethic are the roots of his greatness that drives him to stay healthy and just be able to keep playing at his age at this level of play. We all know Tom is not that quarter back he once was. But still, he can play at an NFL grade foot ball level still and win. At 41 years of age! Unheard of really. Tom says he wants to play until he is 45. I think that is the ultimate trophy for him at this point.

Well all in all. I am glad JT put the story up so we can see some football fans here with some insightful comments.  


Really? Can we leave politics out it on this one time? Also Trump does not claim any team. Here is why. But he should be a Giants fan or a Jets fan.

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Loved the defensive game if not the outcome. Boston is on top these days. L.A. loses to them again.

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Hilarious to see the Patriots used a play in the 3rd quarter called "Ronald Reagan", which meant run to the right. Nice bit of trolling of the liberal sports media.

As a Texans fan, I'm happy to see the Pats and the GOAT representing the AFC win this one.

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And with this win the entire city of New Orleans is smiling.

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And with this win the entire city of New Orleans is smiling.

Or they would've thought they could've won this game with their veteran QB

Lowest-scoring Super Bowl in history; yet ironically it's the Patriots largest SB margin ever

But enough about that! The real Super Bowl who won the SB ads?!

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The more football I watch, the more Rugby I love...

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I was looking up and found the players make $1 million - $76 million, but the coaches - whose job is more likely to be cut short - only make $90k - $300k. Where is their golden parachute?

Also, I'm a firm believer in paying the military who come back emotionally and physically scarred from wars the same as football players. The easiest way - and cost free to taxpayers - is to take a play from the NFL playbook. The department of defense creates a for profit company called the National Military League (NML), NML has each company or squadron as a team, teams compete for most wins against enemy, NML sells tickets to watch the troops live and merchandise, NML charges $millions to air ads during a battle, and so forth.

"And corporal Sanderson has dropped the most enemies in the battle. The Blue Devils take the lead where they will next do battle in Kandahar competing against the Patriots. Tune in."

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Another Pats win... Boy do I feel queasy.

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The Rams have tied the Miami Dolphins ( Super Bowl VI Dallas Cowboys 24 Miami Dolphins 3 ) for lowest score in Superbowl history.

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"Super Bowl LIII had record streaming, but overall average viewership was lowest since 2009"

The lowest-scoring Super Bowl in history was also the least-watched NFL title game in a decade. 

Super Bowl LIII averaged 100.7 million viewers with streaming factored in, CBS Sports announced Monday evening. The New England Patriots' 13-3 victory against the Los Angeles Rams was viewed by about 3 percent fewer people than last year's Super Bowl (103 million) and was well off the most-watched Super Bowl (114 million) set in February 2015 (Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks).

CBS managed to clear the 100 million threshold, thanks to record streaming viewership. The game had an average streaming audience of 2.6 million viewers, a 31 percent improvement from last year's game broadcast on NBC.

The decline comes despite the fact that NFL ratings have ticked up an average of 5% compared to last year, per the NFL and Nielsen.

Rumor has it that New Orleans boycotted by not watching the game

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