Pyeongchang Winter Olympic organizers fix map that omitted Japan


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No way this is a simple mistake. “Dream Program”? How low can you go SK.

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"Japan Sea"? No. It's "Sea of Japan".

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Wasn't it NK who said they would "sink" Japan? I guess SK has accidentally let slip this is actually what they want as well.. What a terrible, terrible neighbour

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I can see complaints about the island names, which I was sure I was going to see when I clicked on the article, but to not have Japan on the map at all is either grossly negligent (as far as such things can be negligent), or a very poor attitude over which someone should be fired. As for the island names and the sea? well, "when in Rome". Is Tokyo going to use both names, or just the Korean ones, for the Tokyo Olympics? Methinks not. Suga ought to be asked that first and foremost before getting upset about this.

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"Japan Sea"? No. It's "Sea of Japan".

Either equally acceptable. Let's not pick fights where they don't exist, eh?

On broader issue, yes this can't have been an innocent mistake. Puerile mischief-making.

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Trolling by SK,and Japan rising to the bait. Either ignore it or laugh at their stupidity for leaving it out, but jumping up and down getting angry is the reaction the baiters want.

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According to my son, this was the leading item in the 6pm news on one of the Japanese TV channels.

In these tense times, both countries need to rise above such pettiness and focus on what's important.

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Poor form, SK.

The world map on the "Dream Program" section of the website for the 2018 Winter Olympics has since been corrected.

Probably took "Dream program" just a bit too literally and envisaged a world without Japan ;)

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The original map is on the Newsweek page, originally missing NZ's South Island too apparently.

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Japan Sea"? No. It's "Sea of Japan".

From the Japanese standpoint the name is 日本海。(Nihon Kai) So it IS correct as Japan Sea. The folks who translated the name screwed it up for eternity!

Can you imagine folks saying, Sea of Bering, or Sea of Baltic?

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