Serena Williams, Nishikori out of French Open


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Nishikori has matured into a well balanced individual, remaining a sub top player but there is only one way he can win a Grand Slam and only one GS he can win at this point in his career and that is the US Open.

More precisely the 2022 US Open . There will be no Federer and I think Nadal will be then not playing it either or beatable. But, if Nishikori, rests up before, has one good preparation tournament, that is his chance. But i am not his manager, so lets see

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You're probably right in that Federer will probably not be there. But neither Nadal nor Djokovic, both of whom have won 3 times, have signaled that they're going to retire before US22. And you're forgetting the younger Thiem who has already won it and his peers, Tsitsipas and Zverev. These guys are younger and getting better.

But what do I know, 2022 could be Nishikori's break-out year.

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At least they played till the end, unlike Federer who has not been fined or given a press interview

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Serena Williams, Nishikori out of French Open

Wow - Nishikori mentioned in the headline but the relatively long article was almost entirely about Williams!

Poor Kei mentioned briefly as "Zverev reached his third French Open quarterfinal by eliminating Kei Nishikori 6-4, 6-1, 6-1"

Fantastic journalism by JEROME PUGMIRE

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Wow - Nishikori mentioned in the headline but the relatively long article was almost entirely about Williams!

This is an AP article, so it's an international article, not something written especially for some local rag, like Shimane Times. A random tennis fan around the world would be more interested in a 23 GS winner than someone who's never won even one and is even getting irrelevant in his own country - after RG, Nishioka will be Japan's number one male player.

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