Serena Williams beats Osaka to advance to Rogers Cup semifinals


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Ms Osaka might want to re-hire her former coach.

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I'm not really mad at this," Osaka said. "I don't think it was up and down. I think I played pretty well. And she just played amazing, which that's what she does. ... I just feel like the entire match I was a bit too defensive. I know that can't be helped when I'm playing against her."

Gotta hand it to Naomi for putting a positive light on this loss to a 37 year old player she beat last time.

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Funny post-match interview

Osaka called Williams, 16 years her senior, her “tennis mom” prior to the match, to which Williams responded: “I’d say more or less tennis grandma. That was very kind of her to say mom.

“It was just a better match for me today. We haven’t played since New York, which was a really good match for her. I just wanted to come out and try to win a set this time - she’s beaten me twice. I just wanted to do the best I could today.”

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@Mayumia82-- Ash Barty was knocked out in the first round, costing her the 1st place world ranking to Ms. Osaka. So should Barty fire her coach and hire the guy who coached Naomi?

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Osaka hasn't been the same since she fired her coach...

I am not stating my opinion, those are just plain facts.

Look at her before firing him, and now.

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