Spurs holds Madrid; Liverpool wins big in Champions League


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Could be a changing of the guard in European football. Real Madrid and Barcelona aren't the forces they were and Bayern Munich look to be on the downslope. Could make things more interesting.

All English sides to go through to the knockout stages?

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Jim, I believe that the now larger group of Premier League teams in with a chance of winning the title has raised the level amongst that group. As in, United, City, Spurs, although Chelsea are dropping some form. The competition for winning the Premier League has improved and that should mean United, City, Spurs, and Chelsea doing well in Europe. Also the best managers in the world are in the Premier League now - Jose, Pep, Pochettino, Conte, Klopp, Wenger - only Simeone would fit into that group. Zidane needs to prove it outside of his galactico-bubble.

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@TTD, (if I may) a bit of an epl-centric pov don't you think? Allegri, Jardim, Favre and probably a few more have done some great things with limited resources for quite a few years now. As for Zidane, isn't he in the same category (the 'have') as a pep or even Jose who didn't achieve much at real with pretty much the same players?

Agree with the rest of your post though. Re MU, they have had a very favourable draw till now and the only time they played a top5 side (Liverpool) they got outplayed in every facet of the game so we will have to wait a little I guess.

Imo Chelsea with Hazard and Kante will be competitive in the ucl. They just need these 2 to be fit for the rest of the season.

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Gold, I didn't have time to research the whole of Europe and youre correct. But the big name coaches have a concentrated group in the Premier League. You seem to have a better handle than most re other coaches doing well in Europe. Maybe a top 10 list of 'most desirable' coaches?

Pochettino (PL) 2. Simeone 3. Jose (PL) 4. Pep (PL) 5. Zidane 6. Conte (PL) 7. Jardim 8. Allegri 9. Favre 10. Klopp (PL)...
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No worries TTD, and I like your list btw. As an aside I saw that Ranieri seems to be doing/achieving with nantes what he did at Leicester a couple of years back. May very well make the list in June 2018 who knows ;)

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