Starting line in sight for Tokyo 2020 Olympics


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It'll be great, when it's all over.

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This photo looks better than the one shown before . . . some grass, and a tree . . . why not add more to break up the paved areas, contribute to the environment (plants & trees add oxygen), and reduce storm water run off (which adds to erosion) . . . . See also,; and also

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So much talk but little action...

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they should move more events out of Tokyo in line with the title of the stadium. Especially the swimming. Having 2-3 areas actually helps break up the transportation issues as well. People complain but it would actually showcase Japan more not less

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Surprised the brown circle of grass in the photo did not have a rope around it and five signs about "Keep Off the Grass". Yes, trees, please. Urban sized trees, not giant ones that are chopped into ugly stumps. More trees, everywhere, such as Dogwoods and Japanese Maples of medium stature. Anyway, it's nearly 2020 . . .

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