Suga to meet IOC chief Bach on Monday


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Olympics 2020 is too much political and commercialism from the beginning.

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Bach is an idiot who is only qualified to host a Pie Eating Contest. Nothing else

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Bach, Mori, Abe: Three individuals who have contributed and will have nothing to contribute to the welfare of the people of Japan.

Bach and Mori will hold a joint press conference later in the day.

Psst!...Ask them about the IOC bribes, Black Tidings, and Dentsu. Oh, it's a news conference with Japanese media....

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*not contributed

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only qualified to host a Pie Eating Contest.

I think you are being way too generous.

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What about Bach's 14 day quarantine??

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What about Bach's 14 day quarantine??

He is coming by private jet. No need.... lol

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Is there not a deadly pandemic going on? Now people are pushed to use go travel... Than do olympics... Is doesn't sound too me like a deadly pandemic...

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zichiToday 11:55 am JST

It's a deadly pandemic, with more than 1 million dead. 10 million infected

The behavior of the J-elite is not in accordance with any of that. You don't promote mass travel campaigns and things like the Olympics if you really believe there is a deadly pandemic.

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What surprises me here is the complete lack of insight from Mr Bach. He is obviously an intelligent man , if not a likeable one but this visit is a huge mistake in timing.

in the middle of a surge he basically comes to say” no problem” thus rallying the public opinion against the games

and that might just be his real goal. Officially he is seen to do his outmost and does due Diligence to satisfy the cancellation insurers. So they have no excuse not to pay up when the plug is finally pulled

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He is obviously an intelligent man

What gives you this idea? The IOC is one of the most corrupt organizations in the world. Rising to the top has nothing to do with intelligence, but who you happen to know and probably being at the right place at the right time.

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85% of profits go to just 4 US media conglomerates. IOC is just a small part.

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