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Suga vows to do all it takes to organize Tokyo Olympics next year


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Which essentially means hide Covid-19 in Japan, control the stats, and don't publish mortality rates. The whole country is being put at risk.

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This seemingly endless tsunami of Olympic propaganda is becoming seriously tedious.

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Save the money, the hype, the hot air about people running round tracks and jumping over bars..

Save all the nonsense about reorganising the administration of Osaka.

Forget the hanko reforms. Save all the money and hoopla.

Stop wasteful GO EAT schemes.

GIVE that money to the poor. Ensure children who NEED free school meals get them. Winter is coming. Many will be hungry and cold.

THINK, you politicians!! THINK about the people who voted for you!!

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Eh. Suga is completely unaware of the second wave throughout all of Europe and the UK. Let alone the continuing pandemic disaster in the USA.

Does he recall his involvement in amping up tourists from China? And where that led to: a dependency on China for tourist cash, the disappearance of such crashed the tourist economy and then the economy at large. He is looking to repeat his folly with the Olympic Games?

Unless there is a vaccine by January, it is complete madness to have the Olympic Games.

Suga is an old man with a fossilized mind, besides being a petty tyrant.

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Let’s wait and see. lol

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Is he well???.

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