Sumo stablemaster, 5 wrestlers contract coronavirus


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Isn't obesity one of the dangerous underlying conditions?

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Funny if many sumo wrestlers to get sick or worse since we all know obesity is an additional risk.

Good experiment. Let the Gods decide.

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Sumo wresters as big and fat as some are, are not "obese" in the medical sense that they have an enormous muscle to fat ratio due to a life of daily training. These are not 200-300lb couch potatoes who can't carry their own weight and require medical intervention.

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Ossan is correct, but one of my long conversations I had with Konishiki, he said he knew very few sumo wrestlers that did not have gout. Gout is an autoimmune problem, and being obese is a contributor no matter how much muscle mass you have below that blubber.

These guys can be in trouble.

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LandOfTheLostToday  07:33 pm JST

*A sumo stablemaster and five wrestlers have contracted the new coronavirus*

New??? Have you been living on the moon?

It's been around for almost five months now.

The Kyodo article is translated from the Japanese 新型コロナウイルス which translates to Novel Coronavirus. That is Novel as in "New".

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And yet they are STILL desperately trying to hold the event towards the end of May. Pathetic.

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Not obese? Those titties don't look like muscle to me

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And yet they are STILL desperately trying to hold the event towards the end of May. 

You might be desperate too if you had monthly food bills like they do.

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I do not know if it is only me, but it looks like VIP are statistically more prone of being infected.

Maybe because of the testing policy?

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I know well Sumo. Don't think all their mass is pure muscle. My body fat index is very low.

Check theirs please.

Definition of obese is BMI30 (at least in USA and in France...)

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BMI over 30

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Whether it's about BMI or not wrestlers don't live as long as the general population so there is definitely stress on the system. Also it'll depend on their meat intake as the immune system can be confused or take longer to react as COVID-19 (SARS CoV-2) is another virus closer and far more deadly than swine flu

they should just cancel it like everything else. JSA could give every rikishi a stipend.

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CT scans reveal that sumo wrestlers don't have much visceral fat.

Instead, they store most of their fat right underneath the skin.

That's why scientists think sumo wrestlers are 'healthy'.

They have normal levels of triglycerides, a type of fat in their blood, and unexpectedly low levels of cholesterol, both of which lower their risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke; but as soon as high levels of exercise stops, so does its benefits.

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I hope these guys recover soon. And no, they are not 'obese'. Wrestling involves muscular work, sumo wrestlers are well-disciplined athletic joes. They are not couch potatoes or slobs like the STAR WARS gangster Jabba the Hutt.

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When you see Summo's compared to the average Japanese, they are Extraordinary! It's going to be interesting to see how this virus infection turns out for them - I suspect they will pass through the event just as if it was a mild/bad cold. I hope that is so, anything otherwise could be disastrous for their Industry/Sport.

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