Sumo tournament begins without spectators for 1st time


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Went to a Tokyo sumo tournament once. Good day out.

A sad sight.

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It seems so boring without the fans, no atmosphere at all. Looks like only a handful of VIPs could get in.

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The sumo association has an exclusive broadcasting contract with NHK. Without the money they get from NHK, The sumo association goes broke. It is not disclosed how much NHK pays to the sumo association. I want to know.

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I like it. I've never seen the tournament like this. Next season I would see crowd again there.

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This was a sold-out basho. Will all the ticket holders be fully reimbursed?

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It is not disclosed how much NHK pays to the sumo association. I want to know.

Good luck, talking about contract money here is a taboo.

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I wonder if the silence made the day seem more like a meditation than a sporting event?

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“But the safety of the wrestlers is the most important thing. I hope they all stay healthy.”

No more than the spectators, but yeah, I suppose

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I thought they said avoid contact with others, men sweating on each others, contradict their advice

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As a VIP the matches were great to watch for the first time as a private show, and much better to enjoy.

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I still believe that 20-30% attendance could be managed without any major risk not just to entertain the Sumo guys but to give a break to spectators in this tense situation.

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I don't watch sumo much nowadays but went in the posh seats about twenty years ago. It was four of us on a tatami. We got brought so much food, a big bento, another box of pretty good yakitori, mikan oranges, sake and beer. There was nowhere to put it all.

I can't see how the seating works at the place in the photo. Would there be tatami on that scaffolding?

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It's a sad day for sumo.

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To vanityofvanities, the following link may not answer your question,

but, it is interesting:

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I love Japan bit after the sumo scandal where it was found to be rigged occurred I don't have any pity for this situation.

In other news, Sumo is a sport unless you include woman.

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Sumo tournament begins without spectators

What's the point? Cancel the tournament.

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What's the point?

It's still televised.

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@SerranoMar. 8  11:54 pm JST

What's the point? Cancel the tournament.

I just finished watching the first ten or eleven bouts (前半戦)and it's not as bad as I thought it would be.

I agree though, that cancellation would have been a lot cleaner.

I had felt that if they cancelled it entirely the guys would have two months to rest and help heal some of those nagging injuries that causes all the 休場、or guys taking off due to injury.

As long as they have gone ahead with the tournament, I thought it might be fun if NHK teamed up with Toho or some movie studio and super-imposed a fake audience on the screen and controlled the applause like they due on sitcoms. They could use the crowds of previous tournaments all sorts of possibilities. The folks at home might like it.

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Don't worry. I'm sure techs are working to project hologram of yourself as audience to tv paying customers soon, from the conform of your home.

Surely rikishi needs audience to do what they do at their best.

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