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Japanese swimmer Ikee Rikako holding the lantern containing Olympic flame poses during a photo session at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, Thursday. Image: Du Xiaoyi/Pool Photo via AP

Swimmer Ikee takes part in ceremonial Olympic event


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I have endless respect for Ikee San who has , not only been through this fysica ordeal but found the courage to share it with the world on order to support other sick people. That makes her even a bigger champion and she already has earned a place among the great, before winning an Olympic medal. I hope she will continue to fulfil her dream Andreus gold in Paris, but for me she has nothing to proof anymore. She is a true champion. Should the IOC care in any way about the athletes she should have been given an honorary gold medal yesterday but the IOC is to full of its self importance to even think of this

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Meh, another circus to commemorate the main circus, which may not even happen. All on the taxpayer dime as Covid-19 takes lives and rips through the economy.

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I'm all for the Olympics, but unless there is a vaccine for Covid 19 anyone soon, it will surely be cancelled. Stay safe people!

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Without spectators being safe this is a non-starter that over 70% of Japanese people feel will not happen next year. Vaccines don’t get made quickly and normally take 4 years. This is a write-off, what a waste of tax payers money...

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What a wonderful name for fans to scream


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I hadn’t heard of her two years ago, not a big swimming fan, but since her diagnoses I’ve been following her. As Robert Maes said she is a true champion in every sense. I can see her carrying the Japanese flag into the stadium and hopefully on the podium with a medal in Paris.

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A truly inspirational lady.

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"You need the power of hope in order to overcome adversity, I want the flame of hope to burn here on this day next year" - Japanese swimming star Rikako Ikee.

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