Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers to change more event starting times to beat heat

By Jack Tarrant

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Holy crap...what a bad choice of places to hold the Olympics...earthquake prone, incredibly hot and humid Kanto. I remember when Abe spent his 15 minutes at Fukushima Daiichi then announced that it is going as planned and to go ahead with the Olympics. That's probably where all the donations to Tohoku went. October would have been the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

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Another solution might be to move it to a cooler part of Hokkaido. Not ideal because it is not actually Tokyo, but it is still Japan and it would give another part of Japan a chance to see the race live.

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shogun36: "The 2020 Olympics will not be about who are the best athletes, it will be about who can survive the heat the longest. Rename the event the 2020 World Battle for Attrition Supremacy."

I've heard more than one Japanese snicker about this and say it could lead to more Japanese golds because they are more used to such heat conditions. One was clearly bragging about it. I asked him why he's proud of winning like that as opposed to by skill. Wiped the grin off his face pretty quick. But just wanted to point out there are actually some people who see the situation as an advantage for the home team.

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The 2020 Olympics will not be about who are the best athletes, it will be about who can survive the heat the longest. Rename the event the 2020 World Battle for Attrition Supremacy.

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As morbid as it sounds, my work has started a pool on how many deaths and heatstroke cases will result during the race with a side bet on politicians who won't see the Olympics . And it wasn't my idea the pool is now upto ¥30,000. In one way it's a boost to the economy as was promised.

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Changing the starting times will make no difference. It is still 30’+ at 6am.

The olympic organisms have spent so much time deliberating and teeth sucking over ways to accommodate for the excessive heat it makes one wonder if they would have anything to do at all without this deliberation.

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Mori hasn't been looking healthy last couple years. Old elephants like him need to learn to retire. Time to pass the baton to a younger and more energetic person that is in touch with the modern times. He probably still uses a flip phone and don't know what a PDF file is.

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Good to see two blokes clearly into their sports making decisions about sports. Mori san looks like he could do the 100 year sprint.

100m* sorry

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I'm taking on bets on how soon, and how often, we're going to hear, "Who could have predicted this?" as events faulter and possibly people die. This has been predictable from before the bid, but Japan is Simply unwilling to do a thing about it that would actually help.

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It's going to bad no matter what sport it is if it's outside in the summer in Japan. Not just for the athletes but for the spectators and volunteers and everyone stuck in traffic and waiting in Olympic size lines for the trains!

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Agreed. Moving up the starting time is the most realistic way as counter-measure on heat from commercial and climatic point of view. The Olympic is costly but many companies are investing on the event so I hope some innovative stuff turns out.

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On average, the weather temperature in the Philippines are always high. During daytime, expect 32℃ or could be higher. So to avoid the heatstroke, marathon usually starts as early as 3a.m.

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Agreed. We do not have airconditioning and I wake up at 6:00 am bathed in sweat. Personally I find it painful to go outside in the summer here. Hundreds of farmworkers die every summer from sunstroke or heatstroke. Ah-so suggests moving it back to May, but it can be hot for athletes even then. The rainy season from the beginning of June is a welcome relief, before temperatures start skyrocketing at the end of July. I always advise friends to avoid Japan in the summer months, way too hot even for simple tourism.

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The Avenger

Have you lived in Tokyo in summer? It is not just hot but it is so muggy. Living in Tokyo, we often wake up because it is very hot at night.

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Personally I wish the Olympics would just go away.


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Marathons are not typically held during the summer. They are, however, held during the "cooler" months in places with hot climates, meaning that there are marathons all the time in weather warmer than what it most likely will be in Tokyo. Marathons in the tropics typically begin at 4am or even 3am, in the dark. It's still hot, but it is better than when the sun comes out. Because this race is the Olympics, they want spectators, and that means a start at a more reasonable (to non-runners) hour. They also want to be able to run fast, which means that they can't run in the dark. But it also means that the athletes should all be running for less than 3 hours, which means that 6-7 is not an unreasonable time to begin.

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I think that the Olympics should be moved to October, which is the month that the 1964 Olympics was held.

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All I'm wondering is, what is Mori still doing there? He is eighty-one years old. Time to retire. As of the starting times, I'm not even going go into what a farce of an idea this is .....again.

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haha they act like Japan is the only country that is hot in the summer... is this the first summer olympics ever??

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They will only find out that it was a mistake to hold Olympics in sweltering summer in Tokyo. I cannot understand the summer climate of Tokyo was not in their mind when they decided it.

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The Sydney Olympics (Sept. 15 to Oct. 1) were the only games held after August in the last 30 years. I know the Yanks are always a convenient scapegoat but perhaps those bidding for games could dictate at the outset when they are willing to host. Japan knew when they'd have to be held but went along with it anyway.

And frankly, bigger picture, the games are just a means of looting the public treasury to reward cronies in the construction industry. That said, at least give the people their bread and circuses at a pleasant time of year.

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Theres always something.

Crime and unprofessionalismnin Rio

Bad Air in China

Japans too hot.

Personally I wish the Olympics would just go away.

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Neither of these 2 walruses looks like he's done an hour of excercise in his life, except MAYBE as a competitive eater, so don't expect them to empathize with the athletes or know what their needs might include. Its a sham that these 2 men are in charge of the olympics.

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Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers to change more event starting times to beat heat

Good! Are they going to change the starting times to October or November?

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Don't forget, by 6 a.m., the sun will already have been up for at least an hour and a half.

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They don't care about the athletes. If they did, they wouldn't be having the Olympics in August.

August is when TV shows are still on hiatus in America, they start kicking off in September or October. If they shifted the Olympics to this time period, it would disrupt American TV programming. Can't have that! So they put it in August, damn be the athletes. The athletes are just a tool to make money for them, they don't care about the athletes beyond the level at which they can plausibly claim they care about them.

Again, if they really cared, the idea of having the Olympics in the hottest part of Japanese summer would never have even been floated.

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Won't these early start times lay havoc on the athletes? I read elsewhere that during the Pyong Chang Olympics, that more athletes were injured because many of the events were early in the morning to satisfy oversees television companies. If you are starting a marathon at 6:00am, you would have to be up hours ahead to eat and warm up.

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I have a suggestion for an earlier start time - three months earlier: May.

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