Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers weigh virus control center at athletes' village


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So, the government is assuming that there will be an Olympics next year; based on what evidence?

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Glutton for punishment to try and hold such an event with cases in Europe and the US on the rise; 70,000 plus cases a day, everyday, in the US alone.

I can hear the ubiquitous female voice recorded message from a CD player on a loop hidden in the Olympic mascot in the athletes’ village, “Ken On Onegaishimasu. Body temperature check please.”

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Yes, and what of the thousands of foreign spectators who will be in town, what is the plan for them and what if there are simultaneous cluster outbreaks in the Olympic village and out in town? During the peak of the pandemic this spring, Tokyo's medical infrastructure was on the verge of collapse, how will it hold up when you add thousands more to the mix? And this is only for the 'rona, what about the number of heat related cases that will surely add to the number of patients going to the hospital?

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For a disease that can be transmitted by completely asymptomatic people? that would be pointless. So are the facilities for people for which the virus is detected, by that time they had hours if not days where they could spread the infection around.

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IF it takes place it will be 99.9% coronavirus management, 0.09% ideology and propaganda and , yes, you guess it right, 0.01% sports under doping. lol

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Sheer lunacy all round......

It seems countries will have to start pulling the plug to bring some common sense to this situation........its like back in early March all over again just before Canada pulled out!

I think this quote below tells it all sadly:

The tentatively named Organizing Committee Infectious Disease Control Center would coordinate the mammoth task of testing and tracing infections and organizing isolation and treatment of anyone with the virus.

So these FOOLS are PLANNING to go ahead with the games full well expecting people including athletes to come down with the virus......WTF off the charts negligence!

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Holding an Olympics or attemting to do so is the biggest proof that this events main purpose is commercial and financial and sports is just the excuse.

it must open everybodies eyes to the greed and selfishness of the IOC.

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Unconfirmed sources said last week IOC gave up the Olympic in 2021 and it will be officially conveyed to Japan when Bach visits in November. The reason is spread of the virus in Europe. DENTSU was informed about it, sources said.

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Where did you hear this rumor.....

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Right, the clueless cronies running Japan, NOT allowing permanent residents to return because they might spread the virus around Japan think that having the Olympics is going to be okay because that won't allow the virus to spread or enter Japan? Here I thought 'drugs' were illegal in Japan because the alternative is that these old cronies are completely out of their minds stupid!

The 2021 Olympics will be cancelled. No one in their right mind will be going to that world Petri dish competition.

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The tentatively named Organizing Committee Infectious Disease Control Center would coordinate the mammoth task of testing and tracing infections and organizing isolation and treatment of anyone with the virus.

Wow..imagine all those fax machines in one tent. Japan,s efficiency on display to the world. Lol...

How to deal with asymptomatic cases? Simple..the effective Japanese way.. asymptomatic equals non existent.

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How about we just stop pretending this virus is the biggest threat to our existence and just get the Olympics over and done with?

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I'd be more comfortable if the 2020 Olympics were cancelled and Japan is given the 2028 Olympics. Things should be under control by then, but not by next year.

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2020 is over.

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Dentsu and the rest of Japan Inc. are determined to hold these "games", they have much invested in it. Just like how the Zaibatsu in the 1930s determined and drove government policy, with the health and welfare of the little people as ever cast to the winds of fate.

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Japan, by their own admission, can only handle 1,000 people per day at three airports. How can they manage thousands in Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan for the Olympics? How will they isolate people, where will all these medical staff come from?

They are also assuming people will come to the Games.

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With so many training schedules disrupted and facilities closed abroad, I do not see how athletes can be prepared for a 2021 Olympics.

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I doubt many athletes are going to want to come and to compete. They are going to just bow out and say we are not going. Just like the Canadian team did this year. They and others will do the exact same thing next year.

Japan is not going to do the right thing and cancel the games. It has to be done for them as the ruling elite don't know how to do anything except stay the course- no matter how dangerous it is.

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Was ready to fling myself around in a athletic manner in 2020 but as nobody paid me huge sums of money, 2021 I'm sitting on the couch.

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It’s crazy. I personally have started making plans to get out of Tokyo from the middle of July until the end of August. A log cabin somewhere in the wilderness just in case they do go ahead with this madness. Good luck to all. Make your plans ASAP.

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