Tokyo Olympic organizers open 2nd-chance lottery for Japan residents


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They had better push back the opening date into October or this is going to be a disaster.

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here will save you time... this is whats left over with prices

basically nothing worth watching ( atleast for me ) or something that is more interesting to watch along the course ( marathon / cycling )

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Going to 3 events, so far. Can't wait - only managed 2 in 2012!

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There are lots of tickets available, but you need to deal with package tours to get them. Go to any travel agent and ask. I was amazed at all the tickets for all the events they are holding.

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All the grass you can see in that photo is made of plastic.

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I've no idea why I have a down-vote for that comment. It is 100% true, and in my opinion it says a lot about the ethos of this Olympics. Tokyo is the only Olympic city not to build an Olympic Park for example.

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Oooh, a second chance to get rejected? Sign me up!

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All the grass you can see in that photo is made of plastic.

Yes, but think of the advantages; it doesn't need cutting, watering or weeding and it's indistinguishable from real grass! (sarcasm)

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The whole thing is a sham and a joke. This new lottery is simply a way to entice frustrated applicants into buying tickets for Air Pistol, Handball, and Race Walking. Tickets for Opening Ceremony, Gymnastics, Swimming will absolutely not be available in any material quantities in this secondary lottery. Despite all those statements of fairness in opportunity, if you want tickets for the popular events you will have to buy an all inclusive travel package from the official resellers and pay through the nose.

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Thats nice....hope the Hotel association will hold a lottery for some accomodation options too since its near impossible to make a booking for a decent hotel during the games. Not that I would be seen anywhere in the Tokyo sauna during those couple of weeks.

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couldn't they have made the system a bit more complicated? (⌒▽⌒)

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