Tokyo Olympic surfing competition will take place at Chiba beach


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Translation, We don't have the funds to build such facility.

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Given the frequency of dead flat seas here, this could be a washout.

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Kelly Slater’s wave pool company is in Japan and will be building facilities. Wether they’ll be used for the Olympics is the issue here.

My wife is from that part of Chiba and indeed, the conditions in the summer are unpredictable (unless there is a typhoon passing :).

Another interesting point will be transportation, summer traffic in the area is horrendous.

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So the medals go to the sufers who looked coolest sitting on their board waiting for waves that never comes???

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Why did I think this had already been decided a few months ago? I thought this was common knowledge by now. Strange.

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they might have to clean the industrial waste up a bit first or the surfers will be drinking it

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