Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike, along with other officials and athletes, waves during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Aquatics Center, which will host artistic swimming, diving, and swimming events at the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, in Tokyo on Saturday. Photo: REUTERS/Issei Kato

Tokyo Olympic swimming venue opens; now comes the hard part: COVID-19


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Looks crap.

I'm really happy we're going to have a rubbish Olympics.

Greed greed greed.

Put some masks on you ridiculous people

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They need many more boards in the diving well to be a world-class facility. Would love to see the training areas, warm-up pools, trampolines, etc too.

I suspect the lateness was due to the work stoppage from the pandemic, but there were a number of trial meets scheduled for early in the year to ensure the facility was sufficient for Olympic use. I look forward to the next 40 yrs seeing events here. The appear to have plenty of seating with 15K, which is often a problem at pool venues.

I'm positive we won't have green or red water here.

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I worked for a company providing ** to the Tokyo O.G commitee and was in contact with many site managers. I can tell you a large majority was NOT ready at all!!!

Moreover, Japanese commitee is the only organization with 2 to 5 subcontractors for one service.

For example, TOCOG will pay company A, A paying to company B, B to company C, C to D etc...Obviously, companies A are almost all closed from government and politicians. They got easily huge contract but don't know the job so they use a subcontractor and so on.

In previous OG in london and rio, commitee got a contract directly to a REAL company doing the job (in above example, it would be company C or D) to avoid to pay 2 or 3 other companies charging again and again......that s why those OG will be the most expensive ever!

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From next month ticket holders can apply for refunds if they can’t get to the Games. If the organisers are doing this even they believe they are unlikely to go ahead.

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Why don't they just say it's located in Tatsumi (if that's indeed correct)? It's like they're protecting the identity of the building. But I guess this is par for course in news reporting in Japan.

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Top image is alternate reality in which there is no Covid 19 and the bottom image is reality...

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Last month a University of Oxford study called Tokyo the most expensive Summer Olympics on record.

Most expensive Olympic Games on record, with the tiniest revenue.. ouch!

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Koike has a nice smile and grin on her face haha

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Hmmmmm ... So the top photo is when they thought the cameras were off and the bottom photo is when they knew the cameras were on. But that's none of our business.

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I think a lot of Americans are waking up to the lies @john B

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It's a rag tag desperate situation, loss of face trumps reality. Again and again Tokyo was not ready for an international event, it's pathetic to see supposed leaders justifiably standing on their own in a empty venue. It's a farcical situation that exposes the farce of leadership in Japan.

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without a high level of testing there's no way to know the current situation. 3000 to 5000 a day is laughable low and cannot be taken seriously.

If you're trying to persuade a world this isn't how to do it.

Obviously they don't want to know because they'd have to make a decision which would undermine the Olympics, but by doing nothing it already does.

It's a shame that the lives of Japanese keep taking a back seat to convenience and businesses

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And where are their masks?

Missing as they should, enough of the love for them already.

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Tokyo Olympic swimming venue ready

What am I missing? It wouldn't have been ready this past July?

And where are their masks?

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