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The Olympic torch of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Image: REUTERS file

Tokyo Olympic torch relay to start on March 25 in Fukushima Pref


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Oh no

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Running out of time to get the 'Game Saving' Vaccine....

One major trial halted due to side effect/ adverse reaction...

Enough Glass Vials and Refrigeration not ordered, no-one has thought of the actual logisitics of delivering 7 billion doses around the world.

...only reducing the size of the vehicle convoys, staff and pageantry of some of the events connected to the relay are under review as potential areas for cost cutting and streamlining the games.

Yamato Kuroneko or Sagawa Courier service might be the most cost-effective way of transporting the flame!

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One major trial halted due to side effect/ adverse reaction...

If it’s the Oxford trial you are referring to that has been re-started.

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Is that sarcasm?!

No olympic player will ever run voluntarily on Fukushima soil.

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Forget about the Olympics. It's a total waste of money. The only people to make a profit from this are the American TV companies.

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Fukushima should tell the IOC it AINT interested in being USED for propaganda for these games that are unlikely to happen

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Many victims are still living in temporary homes, many lost their families and livelihood. To use Fukushima as a propaganda tool is a sadistic slap in the face, especially after spending so much money on an event nobody wants which should have been spent to help the victims who are still suffering.

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