Postponement costs for Tokyo Games to total ¥294 bil


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Pretty sure the burden will be on my back, my grandchildrens, their children's backs for a long time. Good job government really good job.

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More people are sick and dieing than was last year... Japan hasn't secured enough vaccines for anywhere near the population. In short, holding the Olympics will kill people.

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Prior to the postponement, the Tokyo Games were projected to cost about 1.35 trillion yen, with the organizing committee planning to cover 603 billion yen, the Tokyo metropolitan government 597 billion yen and the central government the remaining 150 billion yen.

Then add in the 12-month postponement cost, projected at around 170 billion yen, while costs related to coronavirus countermeasures have been estimated to be more than 90 billion yen.

For a sporting event that lasts for just 16 days……

It is something the Twilight Zone, Outer Limits couldn’t dream up.

9 ( +9 / -0 ) payers pay the bill... Lol... Why is media always dishonest?

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These numbers added together account for some 23.7 % of Japan entire defense budget fiscal 2021.

For running around in circles quickly, and jumping over selected objects, swimming back and forth, and believed to include some 339 events, representing 33 different sports.

In the middle of a pandemic. There are padded cells vacant for the people that thought this up.

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The most expensive Olympics pork barrel ever. Please bend over some more J- taxpayers, we sincerely ask for your understanding. Yours LDP.

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Cancel it. Just cancel it!

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This is crazy. That much extra cost for a what appears will be a very constrained event. They are just nuts.

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If this is truely a "U.N. Olympics that will serve as proof humanity has defeated pandemic", then should it not follow that the global community collectively contribute to the costs?

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No problem, ‘at all costs’ means of course they even could and probably will further suck empty the tax payer’s shrinking money pool.

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I’m passionate about sport, but this is just gross.

Just think how this money could be used to help people in society. Whether it’s a particular group such as the homeless, or children living in poverty, or those STILL displaced by events in Fukushima, or supporting people and businesses most affected by this health pandemic, or better funding the health service providers to deal with the pandemic etc etc.

What an abhorrent use of so much money.

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Indeed it is HBJ.

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Please forget this event.

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That amount of cash could definitely do a lot of good toward a vaccine, solving the Fukushima problem, and the economic crisis. The entire Olympic bid would have solved a lot of coronavirus problems.

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How much to stop the event ....already!?!?

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Montreal took nearly 30 years to pay off the debt for 1976. This debt will never be repaid.

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Japan bought a problem, the last two Olympics the countries that held them lost. The writing was on the wall for Japan to not continue with the Olympics. The pandemic was an easy way out to cancel and take a lesser loss but going ahead ahead with the games is going to be a double negative! The people of Japan will have to pay for that!!

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And what is the projected revenue? If you don't know, or at least I haven't seen any numbers since the pandemic then cut your losses now, and stop the hemorrhaging. Good god, it's simple business.

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No city should ever host an Olympic games. Its the contemporary version of deliberately letting a 9th century band of Viking raiders pillage and burn your village in the hope that the attention it brings you will result in some economic benefit. Or something.

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Cancel it.

Just forget about the return to those you bribed.

This is tarnishing the Olympics forever. The Spirit dies here.

J-Gov stubborness (due to bribery) and IOC Pride equals the inevitable act of human are killing the goose that lays the Golden eggs.

It's actually a fittingly Greek tragedy.

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expenses related to securing games venues, equipment rental and storage fees, and labor.

Shouldn’t all of these expenses already be in the initial costing? Perhaps there might be extra fees for storage, but things like equipment rental and securing venues surely were already budgeted before the games were postponed. I did notice they’ve thrown in anti-virus measures to get some kind of credibility for spending another 2 billion bucks. It all seems a little fishy to me.

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What a money pit. And with refunds on tickets plus losses to business this will be a huge economic disaster. The games cannot break even and will be a loss.

If you're going to keep throwing your money away, at least give me Y$1,000,000 and I can pay you back in a year or two.

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Right now it’s $25 billion. I’ll bet a latte it’ll be closer to $30 before all the (hidden) costs are factored in. Are the olympics worth this, or is it pride & arrogance? What will the average person get out of it?

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This will be a financial disaster for Japan, funnelling public money to businesses, the very funds it needed to go green power based and dealing with its population collapse. Raising taxes can only go so far when there are literally 100,000's fewer people every year

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