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Tokyo marks 1,000 days until 2020 Olympics


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Innocent? Cities can say no. Toronto said no, Oslo said no, etc. When Norway said no many followed suit. Sticker shock was clear. PamAms in Toronto worked out great and were city scale. Olympics are a behemoth that's hard to justify depending on the city sizes. Given Tokyo's infrastructure and population size I'm hopeful it will work out. Let's cheer them on at least!

Olympics has to start scaling back if it wants to start hosting in more cities again. More preliminaries beforehand for example. Maybe dedicated sites. IOC has to start paying for it instead of just raking in the profits

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The "Olympics Games" should be held in the same places, never mind going around the Planet Earth and spending all this False Money being taken out of Innocent People's pockets!

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That's nice, I'll support that. Let's wish Tokyo an entertaining and prosperous Olympics!

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When we lived within travelling distance of the London 2012 Olympics I was very cynical, and there were lots of politics, carping and rolling of eyes. Couldn't the money be better spent? Why largely concentrated in a small area of the country? Etc etc.

But as the date got closer, we became infected with the enthusiasm, we were involved in the volunteer program, in general London did a fabulous job on the organisation and communication, and intrinsic to the overall project was the legacy of what to do with the facilities after the games, which London did a fine job of. We attended several of the sporting events which normally we don't even support.

I'm not surprised that any mention of the Olympics in the press generates a lot of adverse comment and criticism at the moment, but I would just hope that locals will enter into the spirit of things as the event approaches, and I'll be volunteering here in Tokyo. Let's look for the positive aspects such as encouraging people into sports, community spirit, benefits of volunteering etc.

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a lot of crap for a 2 week even that will be forgotten the day after

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How many people have died of overtime?

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Is Tokyo Olympic being held expecting the effect of rejuvenation of the aging country Japan?

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