Tokyo marks 500 days to go until 2020 Olympics; pictograms unveiled

By Stephen Wade

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maybe I am too cynical but this bus do look ugly

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Not too interested in the Olympics. Maybe when it gets closer? Can’t stop thinking about the crowding and transportation nightmares that it will cause non tourists.

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Can’t stop thinking about the crowding and transportation nightmares that it will cause non tourists.

That was a concern in London but iirc, it didn't be as bad as expected.

It was also a joy to be in a tube with everyone excited and chatting to each other, on the way to events. Of course, Tokyo is a larger and different city/system to London, so we'll have to wait and see.

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They are simple but yet dynamic," Hiromura said, explaining his designs to several hundred people.

Look just like the pictograms used in many sports and past olympics and international meets.

Honestly the variation is minute. But I guess we will have daily episodes over the coming year of how everything is so unique and better than the rest.

I love sport, but this tiring already.

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The sports logos are rather nice. Easy to "read". Follows the blue and white branding. At least the logos are a win.

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I see that bus and hear, "Inmates, the bus is arriving. Form an orderly line and wait for officer instructions."

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are people really that inane? that they are counting down to a stupid two week athletics competition, which Is all about nationalism and narcissism, 500(!) days away?!? There is no hope for the human race.

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Personally I'm looking sadly forward to several of one hundred or so AKB collapsing from heat stroke during the opening ceremony them feeling bad as the marathon participants wobble and collapse. Don't think I can watch any of it.

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500 days? Not enough busses, trains overloaded, hotels full, not enough air conditioning blasting onto the streets, so many rude foreigners confused by the wacky local customs.

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wipe out all your public money for two weeks of games in honour of corporations and slavery. Great performances aside this is the real image of the Olympics

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YAY! I can’t wait! I want a T-shirt with some of these logos especially the karate one! Very cool!

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the Games were the first in Asia and held in a country where the language was inaccessible to many international visitors.

“the language was inaccessible” is puzzling phraseology. Oh, so now people can access the language over the internet, so that makes it different does it?

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