Tokyo to shoulder all costs for temporary Olympic facilities


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"Likely to grow" = "guaranteed to explode exponentially."

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I hope you all remember that the word "estimate" in Japanese means "likely to cost 5-6 times the number we are giving now".

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Original plan of Tokyo Olympics was compact and cheapest.

but now,actual state is very costly.

and Prime Minister's "under control" speech was lie.

moreover,Abe government exploit Olympics politically to thrust problematic "conspiracy law".

Present Japan is not suitable to Olympics.

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Every four years we hear from the chosen Olympic venues, winter, summer and Paralympic the same words, 'Temporary Facilities' a special building, stadium, track, etc for those special athletes chosen to represent their countries for those two so called golden weeks of sport, to be taken down on completion of the games. Fortunately the cost seems to be the same a permanent structure, a cost that always to be payed from local taxes, a burden that most host countries cannot afford, which also seems to escalate one the winning bid has been announced . Lets just build permanent structures and let the local population enjoy them, the same way as those Olympic athletes .

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Very confusing article. All the costs, or one-fourth of the costs? And has anything been agreed yet, or "just heading in [some] direction"? Impossible to tell from reading this whether anything is definitive.

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Has any country after hosting the Olympics said "wow that was great! Glad we hosted it!"

I have not checked, but is there really an economic long lasting boost after all of these costs for a 2 week event that is forgotten days after it is done?

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Reuse what remains the Tokyo 1964 venues, surely bit of paint will be required to clean things up in places, and think of the benefits, doing so would at least reduce the overall expense borne by hosting the event the first time around.

For the lavish opening/closing ceremonies, Japan could promote their minimalist view upon life - with a simple lighting of the torch to start with - maybe through an exhibition of Traditional Japanese archery. And then for the closing ceremony, simply releasing 2020 biodegradable balloons (in the name of Peace).

What more is required ?

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Why does Tokyo have to bear all the costs? Japan won the bid not Tokyo.

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Nothing much remains of the 64 venues. They have mostly already been demolished. Abe lied through his teeth to promote this farce. Super Mario to the rescue? Or maybe Luigi could fix his plumbing.

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The picture shows the current Japanese PM meeting with a future PM.

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Why does Tokyo have to bear all the costs? Japan won the bid not Tokyo.

Were you being sarcastic?

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Let the backlash begin!

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