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Tokyo to test snow machines for 2020 Olympics


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Given the obvious effects of global warming, the Olympic committee needs to rethink the best season/months for the games. Why even use the terms Summer of Winter games?

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What? First they proposes shops crank up the AC and open their doors? Now snow machines? Is there no end to their stupidity. There is saving face and there is losing face. What next JGF water bomb Tokyo?

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Whatever they intend to do.....I hope to vacate these shores come next August.If the weather wouldn't be enough to send you over the top the incessant,"Gambaru Nippon" will.It will be insane.

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Jesus... they'll do anything but the easiest thing to do -- change the date. What's man-made snow going to do in 38 degree heat except melt the split second it comes out of the machine?

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I suppose it might be cheap than building a 42 km long air conditioned stadium.

Isn't there a long enough complex of shōtengai and depātos that they could hold it in doors and add some local consumer experience flavor, or are they saving that for the introduction of Parkour?

I suppose making runners run through staggered artificial snowstorms in a Tokyo July might cool their body temperatures

They reckon the Battle of Marathon was Aug/Sept, which must have interfered with school holidays a bit, so isn't the date Eurocentric discrimination against less temperate nations?

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