Trump warns countries who don't back North American bid for 2026 World Cup


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U.S. President Donald Trump is threatening to withhold support from nations who don't back the joint bid by the United States, Canada and Mexico to host the 2026 World Cup.

He's already showing poor sportsmanship

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Just scored a home goal!

6 ( +8 / -2 )

Other countries usually don’t bad mouth other countries’ bids. They put up their own bids. But this orange-headed facist bully doesn’t care about that. He just wants the attention threatening everyone else except his lawyers.

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Go Morocco!!

6 ( +7 / -1 )

The U.S. has put together a STRONG bid w/ Canada & Mexico for the 2026 World Cup

I thought Trump said Mexico is full of rapists and drugs. Bad hombres. Time to turn up the trash talk on Morocco.

Expect some top-notch trash in the early hours stinking up Twitter in the near future.

What an absolute arse of a man.

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Trump's the new Pierre de Coubertin. The true spirit of the Olympics (sort of).

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LOVE this man and the way he speaks to the weaklings of the world!

FIFA are complete thugs and weasels, though. They'd award the games to North Korea for a few extra bucks in their pockets.

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Conducting American foreign policy from a Tweeter a/c is always going to be a bad idea.

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The rantings of a loony. In 2026 he will be IN JAIL.

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I always love the pics that accompany Trump stories on JT.

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Just juvenile and unnecessary. A joint U.S, Canada/Mexico bid sounds pretty strong to me, but it also sounds like a lot of travel and their must be a worry about the level of every day violence in Mexico.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Can Trump go at least a few hours without sounding like a two-bit dictator or trying to crap all over somene?

On Fox & Friends, he crapped on his supposed friend and fixer, Cohen. Later, a judge made a decision hurting Cohen. The decision was based on Trump's comments that Cohen was only his an attorney for a very small number of matters.

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Pure dictator, through and through.

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Go Morocco!!

It would be unfair on Mexico and Canada if Trump’s lavatorial tweets turned opinion against the North American bid.

Trump’s base may jump up and down in their cages at tweets like this, but I get the sense more civilised people around the world won’t take too kindly to this kind of trash.

I’d prefer to see a World Cup in North America. It’s certainly not ideal but it’s better than the alternative.

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I agree Jimizo that it would be unfair to Canada and Mexico but a world cup tournament going to Morocco could be a great thing for the country and for the game.

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What's wrong with Trump? I mean, apart from the obvious.

He seems like a really old man. He's 71, but I know 71 year-olds who run marathons, play live music, read books with no pictures and long words, follow contemporary culture, modern technology and so on. Trump reads nothing, watches Fox TV, goes to bed at 6:30pm and eats a cheeseburger. He believes all the world's problems can be solved by two men playing golf. That kind of thinking was out of date 50 years ago. It seems bizarre that anyone could support this clueless elderly know-nothing.

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Trumps comments can be seen as coercion and should automatically get the US/Mexico/Canada bid disqualified. Attempting to influence the decisions of countries with the possible withdrawal of financial support and or other types of support if countries don't bid in favor of the Nth American bid.

Seriously this guy is coo-coo. No idea of whats right or wrong. He cant leave the Oval office soon enough!

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With FIFA Trump finally has a bunch of hoods on the same wavelength. But does Baby-Man even know what this World Cup is about? It's like a five year old trying to get all the toys, even the ones he doesn't want.

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How many times do I have to say that the US is nothing more than a dictator. They already said in the UN that any notion that does not vote to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel will be targeted and now threats if the nations don't vote to have the World Cup in North America. When will the world get a spine and stand up to the US?

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I some similarities between President Trump and the film about General Patton.

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Love the theme music too....

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Mexico is football nation but organising a sport tournament in the other 2 countries is a waste of time of pleasure. Explaining to locals in the other host countries what 'off side' means or that a 'goal' only gives 'one point' , security problems for the foreign supporters that even exceeds those of South Africa and Russia plus the perspective of beer that resembles pee is not a good environment for the sport :)

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football tournament **

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FIFA just warned Trump to keep politics off the World Cup - even Iran will be thrown out if they are ever drawn with Israel but refuse to play

Mexico is football nation but organising a sport tournament in the other 2 countries is a waste of time of pleasure. Explaining to locals in the other host countries what 'off side' means or that a 'goal' only gives 'one point'

USA 1994 is still by far the most attended World Cup - because of the very large population, even a minority percentage who knows about the World Cup is still millions more than many other countries' entire populations

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