Venus Williams, Raducanu, Osaka all out in U.S. Open 1st round; Nadal wins


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I bet all those sponsors who showered Radacanu with money after her win last year are now wondering if she might be a one hit wonder......

Guess she looks good though. Kornikova anyone?

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Wow! A third-straight first-round loss by Osaka — and all three on her favorite type of court (hard). Since the Miami tournament in March, Naomi has been a very unremarkable 2-6.

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Wakarimasen, I doubt the sponsors have any regrets, she is a grand slam winner, number 11 in the world, number 1 English player, and well-educated and very likeable person. Any sponsor's dream. She is only 19 years old, time will tell if she becomes one of the greats, or if she will find other interests and her potential in tennis will remain unfulfilled.

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Japan is putting too much pressure on Naomi-chan. She has the fighting spirit of her homeland and people but the overwhelming nonstop media and fan adoration is too much.

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Janik Sinner for the cup

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I like Sinner and he does have a chance, but I don't really think he has the level and maturity to win a slam yet, even without Djokovic. Medvedev is a favorite, despite his recent injuries, Nadal it's not his favorite surface and he also had injuries, but he is always a favorite. Kyrgios if he stays focused has a real chance. Alcaraz is hungry and has the skills and determination, Berrettini in my opinion can go deep on such a fast surface, assuming he keeps his backhand going. Ruud is also a favorite, even higher than Sinner, but I don't think his game is strong enough for hardcourt

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Disappointed for both Raducanu and Osaka to bow out in the first round. Raducanu is starting to look like a 1 slam wonder, sadly. At least Naomi has 4 in the bank already.

Both the British and Japanese media putting too much pressure on Raducanu and Osaka respectively, IMO, contributing to both their mental stress.

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Great day, great results. Now we just need Serena to go out next round and Kygrios from the men's and that&ll be all the annoying/over-hyped players out.

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Emma Radacanu had better stop playing with earrings and jewelery, photoshoots and sponsor parties, and start doing some hard labour to toughen her hands up, otherwise she'll not win again. Blisters on her hand have been the excuse for the last three losses.

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The problem for Raducanu and Osaka is that for both women, their hearts are not really that into tennis. Spectacularly so in the case of Raducanu, but at least she does not whine like Naomi Osaka.

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Osaka is currently coachless again after splitting with Wim Fissette in July. She keeps firing her coaches.

When she split from coach Sascha Bajin shortly after winning her first US-Open title, I was very disappointed because I thought they were a perfect match. I was even more disappointed when she spoke about her reason, which was something like "happiness is more important than success".

I wondered then if athletes can be happy without winning.

Winning, howevery, requires hardwork and sacrifice. In otherwords, for athelets, winning/happiness and hardship are two sides of the same coin. Osaka tries to get one without the other, and that is not possible.

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I bet all those sponsors who showered Radacanu with money after her win last year are now wondering if she might be a one hit wonder......

Guess she looks good though. Kornikova anyone?

That's why ya don't be so quick to queen someone so early like people been doing, moreso just because they're appealing to the eyes - especially young ones, they're consistently inconsistent

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