Washington Wizards pick Hachimura 9th in NBA draft


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Good luck to him, but he has his work cut out for him.

I was surprised he was picked month, as mock drafts had him falling to 13th (from a high of top five earlier this year).

His draft fell due to his lack of defensive IQ and lack of exlposive athleticism. His three point shot needs work as well. Good luck to him nonetheless.

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Its true that he has a lot to work on; however, this is still a great opportunity for him. Will he be a superstar? To be honest, I don't think so. I see him becoming more of what Tyler Hansbrough was. Consistently competitive and reliable. Means he will be a good player.

Congratulations to him.

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I don't think his goal is to become a superstar,but to be the best player that he can be. Very few players are NBA ready when they get drafted,so growing pains are to be expected,but the Wizards picked him as high as they did due to having more intel than we do just from reading what he lacks. Just see what happens and good luck to him.

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Great news! I hope Hashimura-san can follow in Tabuse Yūta (The Michael Jordon of Japan) footsteps and be second Japanese man to play in the NBA. He should be a big success. He is HUGE!

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Selected a bit early and by a dysfunctional team, but congrats to him nonetheless. He will probably get 20+ minutes a game, which would be more than if other teams selected him. He has upside but is lacking in awareness and decision-making. It's a steep learning curve but I hope he makes Giannis-like strides.

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Wondering why some of these One and One don't have their fathers name or is it

that they have but it has been deliberately suppressed. Hachimura's Father is from

Benin kind of odd of him not having a Beninese name. Same with Osaka Naomi.

A good exception is Sunny Brown Hakim who doesn't bear a Japanese name.

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I didn't know much about Rui's game so after screaming at the TV for Reddish, I looked up his u-tube videos. He seems to be a very solid player but not one who can generate a lot of his own offense. He has a mid range jumper that looks a lot like Kawhi"s. He makes decisive moves in restricted areas and seems to have good defensive instincts. I am slowly warming up to the pick, especially since the experts say that he has just scratched the surface of his potential. He needs to be more creative because I saw a lot of the same moves over and over again .He seems to be a hard worker, however, so we will all see when the season starts.

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I am slowly warming up to the pick, especially since the experts say that he has just scratched the surface of his potential. 

Hope the experts are not Japanese cause a J-expert in one sport is an expert in all


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There can be many reasons for that.

One potential reason is that if the parents are not married, then the child is given the mothers last name in Japan.

Another reason is because of biases in society. There are some that feel their mixed race child would benefit more from a Japanese last name than those from other cultures. Some companies have hiring biases and reject certain prospects on their name alone or the favor others due to names.

Even though my wife is Japanese, for both of my daughters to have my last name, my wife had to legally change her name in court since we were married and living in the US before coming here.

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@JJ Jetplane

A Chinese person name Ben is better received in the US than someone name Xin Yuan. Applies to every country.

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My Japanese wife changed her family name to mind, at the family courts, when we moved to Japan. If we had children, which we don't, they too would have my name.

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@Joe Yuan

I know it applies to all countries. I was answering the questions as to why he sees that some mixed races in JAPAN have a Japanese last name when their father is non Japanese.

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Selected a bit early and by a dysfunctional team, but congrats to him nonetheless

This year had a weak draft class compared to past years. #1-7 were guaranteed to be the Top 7 players chosen but the rest could have gone in any order. Wizards are dysfunctional and have bad contracts which they can't move. I really hope Hachimura does well along with the Wizards. Bradley Beal deserves it!

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Hachimura is a lot of pundits' favorite dark horse, but it's still a bit good surprise he went in the Top 10

Albeit the Wizards does not have a good organization though - for a couple months continuing, they still don't even have a GM going into the draft. Hachimura didn't even talk with anybody in the Wizards - there's really nobody to talk to

Lots of draft trades, and lots of draftees having to wear the wrong team hats

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I see him becoming more of what Tyler Hansbrough was. Consistently competitive and reliable. Means he will be a good player.

Hansbrough is considered to be a bust in the NBA and one of the worse draft picks for the Pacers. Great college player who did not have the speed to play the 3 or the power to play the 4. He is playing in China now. So comparing Hashimura to PsychoT is condemning him to failure in the NBA. One of the many draft mistakes by Bird. Worst probably giving up Kawhi for George Hill. Ouch.

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This is a very nice fit for Hachimura. Low expectations, coupled with potential for a lot of playing time, Hachimura will have the benefit of time to develop his game. If he improves his outside shot/three-pointer, Rui has the build to be a stretch-4. He is listed at 238 pounds, which is prototypical power forward weight and he's a bit short at 6'8"...but his has 7'2" reach, which is exceptional.

He's not flaky, has a good motor. I don't see him being an all-star, but I do see him in the mold of a Paul Milsaps type of player. Solid, workmanlike player who see about 30 minutes a night, average 16 points and 8 rebounds.

Honestly, this draft was very shallow. Zion is otherwordly and I am not sure how good Ja Morant will be. The rest of the pack all had question marks, so Rui at the ninth pick is pretty reasonable.

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