A masterpiece from Hideki Matsuyama to take Masters lead


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Good job, bring it home on Sunday!

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Masterful indeed. Bring it home!

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Amazing round from Matsuyama! Bring that cup home, and be the first Japanese man to ever win a Major!

Looking good for Gold also if the Olympics goes ahead.

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Hope he can control his nerves and bring it home.

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He rarely can go anywhere on the PGA Tour without a dozen or more Japanese media following.

I witnessed this once at a British Open at St. Andrews. It was bizarre. But Matsuyama seemed to do a good job of ignoring them.

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Hopefully he won’t choke like Greg Norman did.

(he blew a 6-shot lead)

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An awesome feat!!!

I remember the thrill I felt when I managed to get a par 5 on a particularly difficult dog-leg. I cannot imagine what it must feel like for him at this point in The Masters.

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It was just two years ago that Francesco Molinari blew his lead on Sunday. All it takes is one hole and the whole thing gets away, especially with talented people hoping Mr. Matsuyama chokes on every swing. I would very much like to see Mr. Matsuyama don the green jacket tomorrow morning.

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It was exciting to see Matsuyama get on that hot streak after the storm went through. If he plays steady golf on Sunday he has a great chance to make history. But even with a healthy lead it’s still not a done deal. The pressure is on him now and his fortunes can turn against him as quickly as they did to his favor. Would love to see a new young champion at the Masters this year.

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