Adidas defend controversial Man Utd women's shirt


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It was planned. Make a low cut shirt; have a small group of loud people who likely wouldn't have bought the shirt complain on social media; generate intrest and web traffic for the club and Adidas; profit!!!

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Damned if you do, damned if you don't... I'm with Adidas this time...

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I think what Adidas is saying is that women have a choice of buying the regular shirt or buying the shirt especially designed for women. Some may like the regular V-neck, so they buy the regular shirt, others may like the plunging v-neck. They're not forcing women to buy one or the other, it's the women's choice.

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No-one complained at Chelsea, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

One single United fan cries discrimination. One... .

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So why not just buy the men's shirt? The women's shirt is just another option if you want it.

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Responding to the criticism, Adidas said it took the thoughts of fans into account before producing the kit.

I'll bet. When asked whether women's shirts should have a lower neckline, 97.3% of male fans said yes.

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Yeah, they took the 'fans' opinions' into account, alright! The MEN'S opinions! Obviously they did not take into account the opinions of women one iota.

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