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Advantage Man City in Premier League title race after losses for Arsenal and Liverpool


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Glad to see Liverpool drop points but a shame that Arsenal has to live up to their reputation as late season choke artists.

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I watched both games on a dodgy Internet stream of UK coverage. The people at Sky Sports did not seem best pleased that their favourite teams lost. Post match was very somber for both main games.

Villa in pole position for Champions League. It would be only the third time a non Sky 6 team has qualified in the last twenty years. The others were title winning Leicester and then Newcastle last year.

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kohakuebisuToday  10:39 am JST

I watched both games on a dodgy Internet stream of UK coverage

and you are proud f that why?

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Awful news to wake up to. I expected The Gunners to implode, but for Liverpool this could be a disappointing end to the great gaffers reign. Treble hanging by a thread.

Man City's silverware to lose now.

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Well done Palace, I wasn’t expecting that.

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Well done Palace, I wasn’t expecting that

They,played well,right from the,face-off.

Was hoping both Liverpool and Arsenal would win - unhealthy for the league if City win 4 in a row.

Unfortunately it’s looking even more likely.

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I don't want Man City to win too quickly - got good odds on Man City not LOSING another PL game from Jan until the end of the season.

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At home or away, AVFC is scoring important victories in its quest for a berth in Europe. Shooting down the Gunners in their own den is no mean achievement for ace strategist Unai Emery and his hugely motivated Villans. Well played Aston Villa.

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96 football fans went to a football match in Sheffield and never returned home.

Today, April 15, 2024, marks the 35th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster.

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I've been wrong about a lot of things this year ... I hope I'm wrong about City winning the PL again. Can you imagine what a @#&@ storm it'll be if (when) FFP judgement day comes.

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