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Ai Miyazato wins Safeway Classic; reclaims No. 1 ranking


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Congratulations to Ai-chan on her victory! She did Okinawa proud! Shut down Futenma Air base and make it a golf course.

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Shut down Futenma Air base and make it a golf course.

LOL. I'm sure half of it already is.

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Good on her she deserves it....

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one of the few Japanese sports "stars" who is not annoying. (If I see Ichiro or Ryo ishikawa on my TV again I might kick it.)

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Ai is a class act, some of the other Japanese athletes could take a few pointers from her.

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Yes, Ai is a class act. She is definitely one of the few sports stars in the world that is not annoying. Congrats to her!

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She hit a homerun. $250K richer. Very rare in women's golf circuit.

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Congratulations to this young woman. SHE should be getting all the fanfare that Ishikawa gets in Japan! Very good performance.

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