Airbnb asked to drop China Winter Olympic sponsorship over rights issues


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US and Canada follow EU and UK in sanctioning Chinese officials over Xinjiang

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Airbnb asked to drop China Winter Olympic sponsorship over rights issues


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Life is full of difficult choices. Unfortunately in the world of big business - which sport is in some considerable measure a part of - money generally trumps morals. Airbnb will just have to virtue signal more vigorously.

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honestly who cares...?

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Approx. 12,123,000 Uyghurs care (amongst others)

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Very ignorant people. Just uneducated.

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And this: Japan conspicuously absent from Western-led sanctions over Uyghur crackdown.

Japan is too weak to defend human rights. Every country must boycott Olympics in China!!!

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The IOC should understand that supporting genocide is not “politically neutral”. All businesses and especially those like Airbnb who so prominently virtue signal should be the first to realise the reputational damage of being seen as part of the Genocide Olympics. Greed should be the very motive for not being involved, they have far more to lose than they could ever hope to gain.

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I wouldn’t spend YOUR money to bother going to china.

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Just shut the damn gate on chyna let it rot in its own cesspool it has created, we dont need it or them or want them

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Xinjiang has seen growth and developed over 30 years, don't you feel strange the US and its 5-Lies Alliance calling for boycott as it's closer to the 2022 winter olympics?? same thing in 2008 Beijing olympics. Handful disgruntled exiled Uighurs sponsored by western regimes, NGO's, media to slander China, but the hypocrite west ignored the facts that 11.99 million uighurs residents have enjoyed an improved living standard.

There's no genocides in Xinjiang, except massive de-radicalization program, China does not generate Uighur refugees, and the past years enjoyed 6% GDP growth. Uighurs population was 5.5 million 30 years ago, and last censor shown at 12.1 millions. Xinjiang birthrate ranked #2 in China at 1.588% after Tibet 1.6%, well over the national average of 1.043%, an independent study done by National University of Singapore.

I really wish the west and its minions could lie more intelligently. By saying 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and google put it at 3.0 million of Uighurs being detained. No sane persons nor govt authorities would ever believe this lies of centuries. Just tell me how much building facilities needed to house, feed them?? How many wardens needed to guard 1.0 million?? What's wrong with this world??

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