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Akebono to promote Hawaii K-1 event


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"After failing to impress in the K-1 ring"

That's the understatement of the year.

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sarge, you got that right and that was no win. he smothered the guy to death. I always felt sorry for his kids at ringside watching dad take another humiliating beating. I bet deep down he lost his sons respect, as well as his self respect. he should never have tried real fighting. especially not K1. there are no prisoners in k1. just tough guys who wana hurt you,badly, and a couple of side show freaks like Aki and Sapp.

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Just because you're big and fat doesn't necassarily mean that you'll do well in K-1. You've got to be able to move too.

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When he called himself 'Yokozuna' in K1, it was kind of disrespectful to the whole aura of becoming a Grand Champion in sumo. I bet all the respected Japanese sports commentators squirmed when he decided to name himself that one. From a great sumo champion who had dedicated years of his life, to becoming just another Saturday afternoon tv wrestler. I know he's just doing it for the money and fair play to that, but it's very uncomfortable to see.

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What a shame to see the immense hinkaku Akebono had as a yokozuna be completely washed away after he joined K-1.

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Sumo's about money and so is this. Good luck Chad!

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