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Alfa Romeo sign Guanyu Zhou, China's first F1 driver


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That's amusing. Too bad for Team Alfa Romeo. LOL

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He must be bringing a lot of cash...

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Congratulations to him, no matter where he comes from. The CCP will probably prop him up for propaganda but we must give credit and congrads to where it is due.

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He must be bringing a lot of cash...

Not so much for now and not so much for the team! I think i read somewhere about 20M GBP in sponsors.

He is as good as his competitors in F2 so why the f not. it's good businesses. Especially for FIAT in China. Also FIA will make a lot here as well.

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He sounds eager. Give the guy a run for his money, even if the Alfa is not the fastest car on the grid.

Oh, good luck, Guanyu, and I hope you prove the critics wrong!

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Zhou got the F1 drive 100% due to the money he brings. He is not even the best in his formula. To be fair, he certainly isnt the first "pay for a seat" driver.

Anyone who disputes this knows very little about F1.

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