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All Black Sonny Bill Williams to play rugby in Japan


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Interested to know what the Kiwi cuzzies think about this. Is $BW "walking away from the sacred Black shirt" or simply "looking for new challenges" as his dropkick manager Nasser claims? He is a class act on the paddock, no question - the question is over his commitment. Playing in the forwards back in Rugby League with the Roosters will really test out his body, but will be great to see him face off against his old club the Bulldogs! And $100,000 per game in Japan at a level of rugby that is essentially an opposed training run - who wouldn't snap it up?!

Thoughts, Kiwis?

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and could receive more than $800,000 to rejoin the Bulldogs National Rugby League club that he quit in 2008.

Ummm...slight error, Ed - he will be joining the Roosters in the NRL, no way in hell the Bulldogs would have him back.

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“It goes back to pretty much not breaking something that I’ve told someone that I’d do,” he said. “I’ve chosen my path and now I’ve got to walk it.

Ironic he makes this statement considering he walked out on his bulldogs contract.

Guy is a fantastic athlete no doubt but he is too fickle and too narcisisstic, he is not welcome back in the black jersey as he is too disruptive with his comings and goings and expects to be able to walk in when others have put the hard work in.

The all blacks will win with out him as we did during the world cup and prior to him coming over.

A poll shows 7 out of 10 kiwis dont want him back and dont think he deserves the opportunity to come back, and i agree.

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Money bill, coming to a phone box near you!

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@ EE - I kind of suspect a lot of my Kiwi mates would feel the same way too. As for his boxing "career" - he'd better actually fight someone other than bums for his next fight.

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Can we fast track him into a Brave Blossom if the Kiwis dont want him ?? Might cost a little,but hey..

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no way in hell the Bulldogs would have him back.

Des Hassler would take him. Maybe not the fans but if they won a premiership they'd be doing "doggiieees" with SBW.

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My understanding is he wants to win a rugby league world cup so he has the full set so he will play NRL get a Kiwi test berth crack the world cup team thrash aussie win the cup, quit get smashed in boxing turned down by the ABs and live his life out drinking from his two world cups.

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@ Spudman - probably right. Dessie has no scruples whatsoever - or a salary cap it seems!

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Money Bill - a true mercenary sportsman. Great physical specimen and pretty amazing to watch him play, But he is as dumb as a box of nails, listen to him give an interview. His linguistic skills are inversely proportional to his athletic skills. That lack of intelligence has led him down this flakey, flighty money hopping career path. He makes loads of money now and seems to be happy, so make hay while the sun shines, once the skills are gone, there will be nothing left for him.

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Actually he is very smart, not the most verbose person you could meet but IF he practiced he could be a great speaker. Judging intelligence on ability to speak isn't very smart you know.

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