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All Blacks star Dan Carter named World Player of the Year


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World Coach of the Year should have gone to Eddie Jones. Can't understand what the voters were thinking.

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Dan, of course! But Japan also should get some recognition as a rising star...

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Although a die-hard rugby fan (and former player), I still cannot get beyond the impression that things are very much a closed shop. Next time, for the first time, the World Cup will actually be in a country other than a traditional powerhouse. That being said, however, all the awards above are restricted to the same small pool of nations. Not too good.

BTW - The referees award should be vacated this year. Owens (and his touch judges) had a shocker in the final. Joubert seriously stuffed up and the conversations with the TMO throughout the tournament were a real snooze fest. While the skills of the players have benefited from professionalism, the referring is a disgrace. I hope the IRU takes a serious look at the situation and develops programs to nuture young elite-level referees because the current crop are failing miserably.

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Carter played well and was instrumental in the All Blacks winning the tournament.

I would have picked Eddie Jones as coach of the year though.

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Nope, Michael Cheika first. Eddie Jones a close second though

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I don't see what Cheika did for the Aussies that another coach wouldn't have also achieved.

But as for Japan, I doubt they would have achieved what they did without Eddie's supervision.

Who knows how these prizes are determined anyway.

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In one year, going from 6th ranked, to second, and within a handsbreath of victory in the final. It's all about mentality. The Wallabies entered the 2003 world cup on the decline. They entered the 2015 one on the ascent.

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I think Australia being ranked 6th was a temporary anomaly, anyone could have rectified it.

Japan on the other hand, beating South Africa (and beating a couple of other beatable sides), was an anomaly but not one that anyone could have conjured. Kirwin's Japan nearly toppled the French in 2011, but Eddie's Japan went several wrungs higher still.

All just IMO, but if you were hunting for a new national coach I think you'd want Eddie more than Cheika.

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