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All hail the 'new queen' - Australia piles praise on top-ranked Barty


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Naomi Osaka must think maturely and work hard to maintain top rank even if she can't get back number one rank. Otherwise, she will be forgotten former number one and sponsors will dump her.

First, she had made mistakes by dropping the coach just a day after she won Australian Open who helped her to win two grand slim and one WTA championship, and also number One rank as well. Whatever reason and whatever differences was, she must think maturely and professionally.

Naomi Osaka talk about her wining grand slim title was nothing to do with her former coach Sascha Bajin's guide was wrong and a bit arrogant. If they have differences between coach and player and then they should talk rather than ignoring her coach. During the Brisbane International, Naomi was not listening and looking at her coach when Sascha was encouraging her to play her best. She lost the match.

If she felt it was torturing her when her coach Sascha Beijing was around her and then it was fair, but she must find the answer why she felt annoyed Sascha. She must tell her coach what she annoy and what she doesn't like. I hope she will reflect about her working relation with her coach Sasch Bajin and she will understand and appreciate former coach Sascha Bajin and accept the truth.

Ash Barty was mentally and emotionally matured person. Also, she is a very good tennis player. She won the junior Wimbledon championship title. She is serious and very confident person. She retired from tennis and tried Cricket. She plays cricket at high quality and achieved what others can't. She comes back and play tennis a few years ago. Now she was number One rank and I believe Barty will maintain number One for several years.

Now Naomi Osaka names were rarely mentioned on TV and the news. That is not what she sponsors wanted. she needs to work hard and forget about the problems she was facing and moving on. She needs to defend the US Open Championship title and test for her. If she can't defend her title and then she will lose some sponsors. Her marketable commercial value will drop. Silence is not golden in marketing and advertising business. She needs to come back strongly in Wimbledon.

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Australia hailed "humble and inspirational" Ashley Barty as the new queen of tennis Monday after she joined Evonne Goolagong Cawley as the country's second woman to reach world number one.

Wasn't Margaret Court also ranked No.1 seven times in the 1960s-early 70s?

Or has she been expunged from the record books because of her antagonism towards homosexuality?

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From another online article

Barty is only the fifth Australian to be crowned World No. 1 after rankings were introduced in 1973, joining Evonne Goolagong Cawley, Pat Rafter, Lleyton Hewitt and John Newcombe in the exclusive club.

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That's what the article said? Then I'm even more confused as to why these articles are leaving out Margaret Court. Evonne won her only No 1 ranking in 1971, but she's on the list. Court won her last one in 1973, but she's not. Makes no sense.

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