Venus, Serena Williams, Federer reach Australian Open final


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@Tsuchifumazu - And Fed has 17 Grand Slams singles titles ! Go get 'em Roger !

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Rafa is getting up there in tennis age and is not relatively young by any means. You can cheer for Roger all you want but Rafa already has 14 grand slam singles titles.

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Wawrinka broke his racket over his knee in the second set. He needed a medical timeout before the third, came out with his right knee taped


But what an amazing comeback tournament by Federer. The two five-setters he's played have "only" been 3+ hour matches but he's got it and proved he deserves to be ranked in the top four in the world. Yet even if he wins the final he'll only just rank inside the top ten.

Rafa (if he defeats Dimitrov) is still relatively young and will have his own chance to win a slam when he is a geriatric so I'm cheering for Roger in the final.

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WE GOT IT !!! WE GOT IT !!! WE GOT IT !!! V vs. S ! Serena is probably the favorite, but Venus will be the "sentimental" favorite I think. GO V !!! Fed is in also, perhaps against Rafa. I want to see that ! Z Z Z Z Z Z . . . , tennis is boring, YEAH, RIGHT ! ! ! Love the game !

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Awesome! Three Americans made the semis, too! If only the U.S. men could do even half as well as the ladies.

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Couple decades ago, tennis was the sport of the young, especially with teenage girls winning Grand Slams

So true. I remember the days of Andrea Jaeger, going onto Steffi Graf and Gabriela Sabatini. There was also a time when even boys won Grand Slams (Becker and Chang). Those were the days. Now, it's the grandmas and grandpas! It's great to see Venus back in a GS final again. But I think I know what the result is going to be.

Now that is so exciting.

Indeed. But when I said that not long ago, there were quite a few people angry with me.

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Now that is so exciting.

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Power through ladies. You are true legends!!

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If it's Federer vs. Nadal and Serena vs. Venus

that's a blast from the past

Couple decades ago, tennis was the sport of the young, especially with teenage girls winning Grand Slams - the younger generation being better physicality than the generation before it. But nowadays, modern regimens have afforded older players to keep up with their younger peers.

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