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Alonso wins 1st race of season at British GP


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An exciting race.

The big talking point on Fuji TV was Schumacher crashing into the back of Kamui and essentially ruining his race. They have always loved Schumacher here, but this time he did something the commentator described as "unforgivable".

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Plenty of talking points here. First, Schumi held his hands up for his mistake. It was a mistake, and not a deliberate attempt to put Kamui out of contention. It was the first time he used the DRS and misjudged it on the slippery track. Great drive by Alonso. If the ferrari can keep getting updates then Alonso can definitely pull out wins along the way.

For me the biggest talking point is the team orders at Red Bull. After the Ferrari team orders controversy last year, Christian Horner & Martin Whitmarsh went to great lengths to stress that they would let their drivers race. Apparently only one team out of the two is doing that this year. I know it isn't illegal to use team orders now, but I kind of feel a little let down that Webber wasn't able to race Vettel on those last two laps - it could have been great viewing like Hamilton & Massa were.

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rockbuster, agreed on both points.

Just a little surprised that the above article goes to great lengths to describe Kobayashi's pit accident (again not deliberate) but doesn't mention the Schumacher shunt, which was much bigger news in Japan.

I would be miffed in Webber's shoes. He had Vettel this time for sure...

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Not that there was much doubt before, but Webber is officially the number 2 driver at Red Bull. Horner said if it was the other way round the order would have been the same but I'm not sure how many people buy that line. Webber definitely had the better grip and should have taken Vettel. But Alonso & Button would have had Vettel at Monaco if it weren't for Petrov & Sutil's (?) crash. He has had his fair share of luck this year. Luck + phenomenal driving skills = World champion for the 2nd time.

There seemed to be a lot of mistakes in the pits yesterday, Red Bull, Sauber, McLaren during the race. Very rare to see so many teams feeling the pressure. As for the focus on Fuji TV on the Schumi/Kobayashi incident, I think it just shows how far Kamui has come on. The Fuji TV commentators were upset because they could realistically expect Kobayashi to finish well into the top 10. He seems to have great race-pace allied to his great feel for overtaking.

The future of F1 on the track looks in good hands with the new generation of Di Resta, Kobayashi, Maldonado, Perez & Petrov - not to mention established young stars like Hamilton & Vettel.

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I detest team orders. It goes against the competitive nature of the sport.

Don't much like seeing Alonso win either, he's a bit of an egomaniac. Pretty sad for Ferrari that their first win comes in July.

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Alonso is an egotistical guy, but you can't doubt his driving pedigree & skills and it was a supreme drive. To be honest, I think most people were happy that Vettel didn't win.

As for team orders, the only people who don't hate them are the team principals. I would have loved to see Webber overtake Vettel yesterday but we, the spectators, were robbed of that spectacle. The FIA had the chance to make team orders illegal during the off season but they didn't, and that short changes the paying public.

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