Ex-American football coaches banned from competition for life


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Not like it matters, since this is such a fringe sport for a few small university clubs, but I feel like the 20-year-old who carried out the hit should be punished more. The coaches have definitely been punished enough, yet everything they’re being punished for is basically unproven and relies on hearsay. The 20-year-old actually injured the other player on camera and should be criminally charged.

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The 20-year-old actually injured the other player on camera and should be criminally charged.

You clearly have no understanding of how things work in Japan in sports. Players do what they are told to do. Soldiers do not attack others unless they are ordered. Football and sports in general in Japan follow the same rigid means of control. If the young man had not done what he did to the opposing quarterback he would have been demoted and possibly banished from the team. He knew what he was suppose to do and carried out his orders. It is the coaches who should go to jail.

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What zurcronim said ^^^^

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zurcronium is spot on. Surely you've noticed the parallels between the way baseball is run along psuedo-militaristic lines in schools/universities here and the old imperial army culture?

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Except for bureaucrats. They do not do what the top tells them to do; e.g. Moritomo.

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Has Jan ever played American Grid Iron or served in the military? I am wondering how they formed their opinion?

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