Kwansei suspends further American football games against Nihon University


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This is an unbelievable news story. There are so many problems here. One the student should have taken the high ground and refused to injure another player and should have reported the coach. 2nd of course is the coach and assistant coach. This is just depressing.

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It’s really hard to know what happened here since we are getting the translated English version of the Japanese which was translated from coahspeak originally. Growing up playing football you often had coaches tell you to “kill or destroy” the opposing players or teams. Metaphors of war are ubiquitous in sports, but as a player you knew they didn’t mean to kill them. They just wanted you to play hard and overpower your opponent and to hit them so hard they would lose their will to compete. Without being there, so this is purely speculation, so a coach would need to be very explicit to order “a hit” that was intended to maime someone. Knocking the QB out of the game with a legal hit was the goal in every play. Football is a tough sport and the QB knows he is a target, but it is never ok to do so outside of the rules. I imagine the player probably misinterpreted the coaches or is lying to cover up responsibility for his penalty. If the coaches do order a hit, then they should be banned and charged criminally.

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