America's Nagasu surprise leader after women's short program; Asada 2nd


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“The first triple combination was perfect, then I felt not sure on my left foot. It was shaking. It wasn’t feeling good and I don’t know why,” the South Korean star said.

Chalk that up to lack of practce an self-satisfaction after the Olympic Gold and proving yourself #1. The coach himself said earlier this week that it's hard to motivate yourself after such victories, and it happens to everyone, with Kim being no exception.

Congrats to Nagasu. I knew that Asada didn't get it because I never heard a thing about it until reading this article. Sounds like all did pretty well, though, which is the most important thing. Good job!

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Chalk that up to lack of practce an self-satisfaction after the Olympic Gold and proving yourself #1.

Yeah, I hate it when countries do that. Making excuses or downplaying the tournament is terrible. Why can't they just say that "the other athletes did much better". All in all, Mirai Nagasu performed well and I look forward to her free routine. Good luck to her and the other competitors.

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Good for Mirai. After the bloody nose during the Olympics she deserves a chance at the lead.

The Olympics is over and it's back to individual efforts. It has nothing to do with the country making excuses.

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Great job, Mirai! I have high hopes for this girl, ever since I've seen her performances even before the Olympics. She has an air of youthful and carefree confidence about her, and hardly feels any pressure even with competing with the top 2 ladies. She's actually a friend of Mao, and they shared a rink before when Mao was training in California. Speaks pretty good Japanese, too, for a 日系American.

I have a feeling she'll medal in this competition. Go for the gold, Mirai-chan!

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Chalk that up to lack of practce an self-satisfaction

Lack of practice? Maybe. Self satisfaction? No. I find this comment a bit harsh. I think her nerves played up. She, probably even more than her competitors, is under a tremendous amount of pressure. Her country is expecting too much from her and she is now, just now after the Olympics, beginning to feel that. Supporting an athlete is one thing, expecting only gold medals is another.

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I hope Mirai wins it all. She was very good at the Olympics and I hope she skates a clean program and takes first place.

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Unfortunately, Mirai botched four of her jumps and dropped to seventh. She can look to the future to move up. And Yuna Kim won the silver while Mao Asada won gold.

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