Amputee fashion show in Japan features Paralympic athletes


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Take a closer look.... there is so much more to a headline.

Kaede Maegawa ........

前川 楓/Kaede Maegawa

Hitomi Onishi

From 2014 ....Amputee athlete encourages others with disabilities to compete in events

And not the first Amputee fashion show,,,, Japan 23.10.2011

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This is awesome!This will lift anyone's spirit!

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I always yearned to be taller. I should be satisfied with natures tombola.

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Power to them..Paralympians are even more inspiring than their able bodied peers , due to all the hurdles they need to clear. Japan needs to increase awareness and change attitudes towards people with ( all kinds ) of disabilities and this contributes to that goal. All the best.

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I saw the photo first and thought they were doing the can-can, then I saw the headline.

I'm going to hell.

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The Olympics are scheduled to open on July 23, 2021, with 11,000 athletes.

This is a huge mistake.

Tokyo organizers have said both events will happen, but they have yet to provide details on how athletes will be safe, whether fans will be allowed, and who will pick up the bill for the delay. Estimates suggest the cost of delay will be between $2 billion and $6 billion, with Japanese taxpayers picking up most of the bill.

Good grief.


Don't worry, you're not going to hell. :D

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Only in Japan...

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this pic brought a smile to my dial. love the joy of these wonderful athletes.

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Good luck to them all.

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That's great, but I thought it was a wedding ceremony, not a fashion show.

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Good for them! Paralympians are far more inspiring than regular Olympians, in my opinion.

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Ganbarimassho minasama. We can overcome anything if we try.

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Good on them.

Did anyone else notice that they are all right leg above the knee amputees. What are the odds?

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