Ohtani gets blister; lasts only 2 innings as Red Sox beat Angels 10-1


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It was pretty obvious that he didn't have his stuff today. He was overthrowing his fastball from pitch number 1 and his splitter was hitting the ground way earlier than it should.

Throw in the hottest team in the AL and they'll take advantage of every mistake you give them.

It'll be interesting to see how he rebounds from this outing.

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He hit 3 homeruns and won 2 games already, and he loses once and now "they have figured him out" ? LOL

yeah, sure.

During spring training: "he was good because he played in Japan, he is not a MLB level player"

After 2 weeks: "OMG, he is the real deal! , he is a legend in making"

After losing one game: "they figured him out, he was never good to begin with"

You armchair baseball analysts are so consistent

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Some poor soul just 2 days ago assumed he was already Hall of Fame bound.

Cant find his name in today’s thread

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NPB watchers know that Ohtani traditionally struggles in the first month of the season and needs a handful of starts to find his rhythm. The excitement and focus of his first starts in MLB brought out the best in him, and my guess is that now reality is setting in a bit. He showed poor command over his splitter and fastball today. He'll be fine, but I'm glad the ecstasy about him becoming the greatest player ever is now going to die down a bit. The hype was out of control.

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Rough day for Ohtani but he is still a phenomenal player with a bright future. I hope he can shake this off and also continue to contribute at the plate. Playing 2-way (pitching and fielding/hitting) is remarkable and he is bound to have off days.

He is a slow starter (as mentioned above) and saying "they have figured him out" is a bit off as he has not faced the Red Sox lineup or anyone within the lineup yet. He was just off.

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Do you think he will be better against the Red Sux for the loss?

Of course he will adjust, as the opposing players will adjust to him.

Is it so hard to see him as he is ? He is a young talented player who has done what no other player has done in the last 99 years, hitting 3 home runs and 2 wins as a pitcher.

He is not a hall of famer, nor does he suck, he is somewhere in the middle like 99% of the players. One loss against one of the best teams does not mean he can't play in the MLB.

Anybody who says he is the best ever or they figured him out after one loss is an idiot

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To mis-quote "Mr. Baseball," He has hole in delivery.

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Pitchers move. their. fingers on the ball to create their favorite pitching type. One finger has frost byte may cause their throwing to be wild pitch. Last day game in KC, Richards had wild pitches sequentially.

But I think Angels will take care of his fingers by the doctor who took care of Trout's fingers when

Trout injured his fingers when Trouts slided to second base a few years ago.

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I think Giants and Padres are not going to make NL West champ competition.

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There. will be Red Sox and Angels game ion PT 7:00 p.m. My guess is same.. If Trout steps on first base in early innings,, Angels win.

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widespread blister issues are because MLB is using a new ball and pitchers have to suddenly adjust decades of pitching. They did it to save money but it's the players who are now suffering

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The Red Sox are off to the best start in their 115+ year history. This says much more about them then it does about Otani.

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I. think Red Sox will be AL East champ this year. It has more homerun specialists than Yankees this year.

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maybe he got that blister from all that batting. I still think when the dust settles, he'll chose one over the other. or the team will choose for him

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Theyve figured him out. Nice while it (briefly) lasted.

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he has not faced the Red Sox lineup or anyone within the lineup yet.

Which gives the pitcher all the advantages. Plate doesn't move. Do you think he will be better against the Red Sux for the loss?

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Did they find his tell or is it really just blisters?

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I think it's more like the other players have finally started to figure him out.

Unfortunately we'll be seeing more of this as the season goes on.

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He's finished now...will end up as Yu Darvish did

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