Angels boss denies Ohtani surgery report

By Sean M Haffey

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Stinks for baseball fans literally around the world. Hope he's back & healthy as soon as possible. Huge bummer.

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Sadly, another disappointing Japanese MLB export.

This time it cannot all be blamed on Ohtani, since an injury is an injury. Still, you wonder.

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makes me wonder if the whole blister thing was phoney.

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This is really sad news if it's true.

Hopeful for a speedy & full recovery.

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I'm pretty sure he'll be going under the knife, so that's it for this season. Possibly next as well. Yet another young talented player sacrificed by the insane coaching that happens at the high school level here. Teenage pitchers are burned out by throwing on consecutive days, waaaaay too many pitches in a game, etc. There really need to be some rules in place to protect them from their glory-hound coaches. There is nothing "noble" in a starting pitcher appearing in 3 consecutive games- it's quite simply abuse.

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all that hooplah. well, that didnt last long.

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